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Road Trip Essentials...Well, Maybe It's Not All Essential

Updated: Feb 16

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support.

I am a great vacationer, once I get where I'm going, but my husband is helping me to learn to enjoy the in between part more (lol). Anyways, being prepared with snacks on-hand makes the road trip much more bearable! Here are some snacks that I pack when I go on a weekend trip (flying is a little more challenging nowadays, for many reasons). Oh, and we tend to pack a little heavy (at least I do, haha). I like to eat out as little as possible, unless I've done some serious research on the restaurant. Being hungry and having no snacks prepared is never good for me (or those traveling with me). But, recently I even brought some of my frozen sourdough pizza crusts to have a quick pizza night one evening (including all the toppings, of course)! They traveled surprisingly well! Take a look at them getting ready to bake:

(Upper Left pot pictured is from my fave pot + pan co! Shop here + use affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE on checkout!)

- Meat Snacks are a must. One of my favorites is Prevail Jerky...they are free of the common allergens (and really great because a lot of jerky brands use soy and msg which don't work for me). Besides that, the taste is really there. They did a great job making all of their flavors unique but not overwhelming. Another thing I like about their jerky is that it is not too dry, which makes it so easy to chew. My faves are original and spicy, but they're all good options for me and my family. If you're looking for a crispier, more meat flavored meat snack, check out these. You can read my ongoing post on them here. (Referral code: GLENN42444)

- Freeze dried blueberries - I love these little snacks. The brand I linked are the tastiest, I've tried a lot of different ones, believe me!

- Since we're talking fruit, I've been trying out the Solely fruit snacks and have found I really like them, plus they're organic and have very minimal ingredients for something that travels so well. They also have gummies (in little packets): I tried the mango + orange ones. They also sell them in larger packets (not all of the flavors though, but for the ones they have, it is much more economical to purchase in the larger packets)...but my favorite is their fruit leathers, which are so much juicier than any other fruit strip I've had! I've tried mango, pineapple, and spicy mango. My favorite is the plain mango, but they're all great, especially when I find one in the bottom of my purse, haha! Read more on my chewy snacks review.

- Windmill Ginger Brew - this drink is the gingeriest drink I've ever had and it's so refreshing. If I ever have those times when I don't know what I want, a ginger brew will always do! It pairs great with Tom Khongee soup, indian food, a mocktail, or on its own (how I have it 99% of the time). Their ingredients are really straight forward and we've been able to meet the owner and visit their headquarters, which was really cool!

- Avocados: I have to be careful that these don't get bruised, but either some slices of this or making a quick guacamole with my travel salt and a lime or two go great with the nixtamalized, glyphosate tested chips I go for!

- Bacon: cooking one or two packs before we leave is really helpful to eat on the go and have in addition to the sourdough toast in the AM, or just as a quick snack so I don't have to eat out somewhere!

- Smoothie Ingredients: mBreakfast, mCollagen (Affiliate code: SB10 for mBreakfast + collagen), minerals (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE), & frozen cherries.

- Butter - there's nothing quite like real butter, lol. (Pictured: half pâté, half butter, topped with salt)

- Salt - to be honest, this is something I have in my purse everywhere I go! (Affiliate code: SB10)

- Kimchi - I like to have a bit of fermented foods throughout my week.

- Pickles - Grillo's spears are my favorite, but typically I can only find their chips. Every once in a while I come across their pickle de gallo which is also really tasty!

- Cheese - Manchego & some raw sheep ones make a great charcuterie board or a snack on the go.

- Pepperoni/Charcuterie meats - work great for a road snack. My papa rolled up the meats and put them in a cup so we didn't quite have a platter, but it was delicious! Hot tip: Zingerman's famous specialty shop in Ann Arbor, MI sells cured meats in a cone, to-go.

- Glyphosate tested corn chips - these are the only chips I eat now!

- Sourdough rosemary crackers - Great for on-the-go, and love that their ingredients are so straightforward.

- Ataulfo mango - these ones come in a protective container with individual spots. So, although that spacing isn't ideal for packing, my mangoes don't get bruised!

- Cucumber - it's another easy traveling snack!

- Snake River Farms Wagyu Jerky - this is my hubby's favorite brand of "meat snacks." He also enjoys South African style biltong that we purchased...I like having a variety of meats on hand! Find out where I find this jerky here -- and they sell their meat at Sparrow Market!

- Olipop: a few of these stuffed in the cooler make a great drink option for me! I really like: vintage cola and cherry vanilla. Sometimes I even mix them half and half, lol! I've tried some of their other new flavors, too: tropical punch (reminds me of my childhood - but I think I've grown out of that flavor, now, haha), lemon lime (interesting, but honestly, it's a little too flavorful for me). I'm really looking forward to trying their cherry cola next! (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE). Read my Olipop flavor review.

- Coffee - I realize this is not a snack, but I always travel with my own coffee and frozen coffee cubes (see exhibit A's in the Stanley)...and maple syrup, of course, which probably deserves its own line item here, haha. (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)

- Maple Syrup - for my coffee, of course! I've tried a few different brands, and the one from a hyperlocal farm is my favorite (although I do like a wood-fired version from over the border, at a small farm in Michigan, too).

- Maple things: while we're talking maple syrup, the little maple candies (which are just made from maple syrup) are delicious, along with their maple cream - on a spoon or mixed in my coffee, sometimes. You can read more about all my maple staples here.

- CO2 machine: I enjoy sparkling water at any available opportunity, plus this means I can have magnesium bicarbonate when I travel, too! (Affiliate code: SB10)

- Pâté - on a thin slice of my papa's sourdough bread, this is one of my favorites for breakfast or a snack.

-Raw milk - for my coffee. I use one of our Stanley thermoses for coffee, and the other for milk.

- Some wine to share. Trust me, it's not just any wine!

Outside of food, I always travel with:

- Aleavia shower gel. Here's a whole post I shared on it! (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)

- No surprise here, Kossma Beauty! I've done several reviews of her products on my site. Click the link and a code to save will be automatically applied. See my most recent review of these PUFA-aware products here.

- mImmune - When traveling, I like having this supplement on-hand! (Affiliate code: SB10)

- Chef knife bag: This works really well. It's made of waxed canvas, and after much research, we decided to get one. It even passes my dad's approval (and he's a chef). Also, it's much safer than traveling with them wrapped in a towel. It also has a zipper pouch to put spoons, small spatulas, etc... It is a roadtrip staple, for sure now! I got it in blue, but they also have pastel green and stone grey options! It comes with a handle and with a strap, and folds up nicely when not in use, so it doesn't take up much space.

- CitriDrops Dietary Supplement: Especially for the summer, I like to have this to use topically on any bug bites I may get! (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)

- Since we're on non-food items here (and bugs, lol), I'd also like to include this 'bug' finder. It's pretty small and easy to use, checks for hidden cameras, trackers, etc...

If you've made it this far and like a little more entertainment, you can watch my IG live on travel essentials here!

What are your travel must-haves? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated!

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