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Are You A Pickle Person?

Ever since I became oxalate-aware, pickles have been my main side dish. It's funny, but true! I have to mention, if you come visit me, I will try to have something other than pickles, though! Celery used to be one of my "surprise ingredients," but now, it's pickles! I even made a delicious pasta salad (that I still consider an antipasto salad because it uses rice noodles, lol, but that's just my classification, haha). Anywayyys, I've tried several brands. Good ones are hard to find, since so many of them have added ingredients like chemicals/food dyes that I do not consume. Grillo's is my go-to. However, just like fries taste different as waffle cut, curly, steak fries, etc...pickles taste different on their cut, too (to me, anyways!).

Pickle Chips - I'm not talking about pickle-flavored potato chips, I'm talking about how the pickles are sliced. These are great for a sandwich, and Grillo's chips are still better than any others I've tried.

Thickles - Now these were made for sandwiches, or as I like to use them, as a cheese carrier, haha. They're a fun cut just because it's unique, ya know?

Spears - These are my fave!!! I don't know what it is about the spears, maybe the weight and balance as a finger food? But they're my fave!

Pickle de Gallo - To my surprise, Grillo's has more than just pickles, or pickles plus, haha! I call it pickilo de gallo, and like that it's a relish twist on traditional pico de gallo. I've found it in mild and medium, and the medium definitely has a spice to it. I like putting this in little piles on my plate, but it also goes great (when I have it) in that antipasto salad mentioned above! My hubby also likes this on a grass-fed beef hot dog.

For the record, the original Grillo's flavor options are my fave, in any of the varieties. I accidentally picked up the half-sours one time and my hubby liked them OK, but it was not for me! What's your favorite pickle cut? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.

Note: This post is not affiliated with Grillo's. They're just my fave.



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