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Carnivore Snax - My Favorite Cutz

Updated: Feb 16

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Meat snacks, also known as "purse meat" here, are one of the things I never leave the house without. I've shared about my favorite jerky before, but I don't know that these necessarily fall into that category. I think they are definitely more meat snacks vs. jerky, and until I tried them, I wouldn't have known the difference! For a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, these are my favorite go-to that actually feel like (and are) real food. They only have two ingredients: meat and salt. Although, I'd love them to do a collab with this salt (affiliate code: SB10).

When I try something out, especially for a post, I like to try them out for an extended period of time first, which means sometimes I need to buy multiples during my taste testings, lol. I'll be adding to this post as I try new cuts, but yum, such a great find that I wanted to publish this before I ran out!

Find out more about my pantry makeover: Part I and Part II. Use code: SB10 for mTranquil mentioned in video (and more).

Ribeye (grass-fed) - saltiness is apparent, which I like. It is fatty, but the fat is very flavorful. Has some strands that are sharp and much harder to chew. When I reach in the bag and pull out a full transverse slice, there is really nothing quite like it! Some of the pieces are smaller/got crunched somehow, but they were still very tasty.

Strip - I seemed to find less of the sharp/hard pieces and only had about one bite that I wasn't able to chew well. It was tasty, but price-wise, I don't think I would choose it over the ribeye.

Wagyu - talk about marbling and flavor! The fat seems to start melting as I hold it in my hand and it really flavorful. The fat in general is easy to chew and reminded me of eating pata negra jamon in Barcelona. The pieces were all relatively full transverse slices, not many crumbs, which was nice, especially since this cut is the most expensive.

Eye of Round - in general, this seems to be a thicker cut. Also, drier somewhat, which means crunchier, so it's not really a bad thing and doesn't really taste dry once I start chewing. It also seems leaner, although there are some chunks of fat on it, but it doesn't taste fatty. I've seen some people use the snax as a dip chip, and with the shape and thickness of these, I think they'd be the best for that! I'd also say it has a faint farm-y taste, but just in a natural way.

Ribeye (regenerative) - this was really good, and easier to eat than the grass-fed ribeye, not as many sharp/harder to chew pieces.

Ham - oh wow, this was probably the biggest surprise yet! It tastes like jamon Iberico, in a crispy form. So glad I bought this, because I only initially did it for this post, but I will continue to include it in my purchases since it is so tasty, and so far has had the most large slices. It's salty, crispy, and super delicious!

Beef Tenderloin - (coming soon) When I purchased this one, I got lucky. It is going to be a members only item (for The Hunt club), but they did list it briefly on their site as a limited release. I purchased as soon as I saw the email come through, but let's face it, I'll probably end up getting their membership to stay in the loop on their more premium cuts, we'll see!

Farm Sliders - (coming soon)

Brisket - (coming soon)

Lamb - (coming soon)

I'm always excited to be unboxing more Carnivore Snax! Let me know if there are any on their site you want me to review and I'll put them in my next order. Have you tried any Carnivore Snax? Let me know!

Use my referral code: GLENN42444 to save on checkout (you save and I save by you using this code, thank you for your support)! As always, #GetSatiated.

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