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The Pantry Project: Part II

Updated: Feb 16

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After sharing The Pantry Project: Part I (I'm thoroughly enjoying the results), there were some other items that don't benefit from that type of pop lid storage (like canned goods) that I wanted to be sure to share.

Let's start with those. Now, we don't have a ton of canned goods, but we have some. Two of these expandable shelves were perfect to help with these items. I use it for honey, jams/jellies, hot sauces, honey, etc...

I mentioned previously that I use this for my spices. Initially, I wanted to put it in the pantry and the measurements worked, but I didn't account for the height of the spices on the top it ended up in a large cabinet instead. I like the sides it has, so nothing falls off. It's really durable, has an adjustable height feature, and it is easy to assemble.

Click here for my favorite spices (pictured) and add the 1.8oz grinder-top of Robusta Black Peppercorns to your cart of $15+, and enter SATIATEDBLONDE at checkout to make the item free!

I ordered these for use underneath our large cabinet. They surprisingly hold more weight than I expected and am glad I have it as an option. The bottom holds some things that are pretty tall, too, so that's another plus!

These were easy to put together and I like that I could choose the height of each level. They aren't quite as stable as I was expecting, so I had to use lighter things, but I still like having them as an option.

Of all the things I wish I had in the kitchen, I didn't know I had been missing this the most, haha! On my initial purchase, I was thinking it would really just be a waste of space and I'd probably end up returning it, but that is not at all what happened! This system is easy to put together and easy to adjust section sizes for bigger lids. It fits perfectly under our cooktop and I'd like to get another for regular lid storage (like for food containers).

As I'm putting this post together I realize my 'organization' looks like it needs a touch up, but this has been untidied for almost a year, so overall, I think it's doing the job, haha! What is your favorite organizational/storage feature in your home? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.

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