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Food Storage Containers: Glass vs. Stainless Steel, Square v Circle

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I admit, I am particular; not just about what I cook my food in, but also about what I store it in. Ideally, I like glass, but I've had so many glass containers that had plastic lids start cracking/breaking...or possibly, if I'm being honest, get lost! So, I did some research to find some new food storage containers, and I found a kind that I've been using for quite awhile now and am liking.

New glass food containers - these have snap-on lids and seem to be pretty durable (I am just living life, you know, which sometimes means I drop things). They're also square and I've found that I like square food storage better. The reasoning doesn't really apply to these, since they have snap on lids, but for circular ones, especially with stainless steel, the little lids are so hard for me to get on and off by myself!

Different size glass (circular): If we're sticking to glass, the medium and small ones seem to have more durable lids -- either that, or I use them less because they're smaller, haha. But unfortunately with the large size, although I like it, those are the lids that seem to crack/break easier.

For stainless steel options, which I like especially for travel, since they're less likely to break and I've never had any leak (so far), here are the options similar to what I use. As I mentioned above, I prefer the squares to the circles, but they do come in handy for small amounts of leftovers!

One thing I didn't mention here was bulk storage, but you can read more about my picks for that in my pantry post if you'd like! Of course I have some strong opinions there, too haha. What's your favorite type of food storage container? Do you prefer glass or stainless steel? Tell me in the comments, and as always, #GetSatiated!

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