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What Happened To My Cookie Sheets: And What I Upgraded To

*This is a sponsored post (I was sent the large cookie sheet) & uses affiliate links (see disclaimer at bottom of the page). That being said, I only share about products that I use personally!

You know the feeling of a new, perfect cookie sheet? It's such a good feeling, isn't it?! Well, I haven't had that in a decade...until now that is!

What am I talking about? Right after we got married, our cookie sheets (all three of them) were put in the dishwasher. I'm not saying if it was me or my husband, haha, but let's just say, almost a decade later, we were more than overdue for an upgrade! If I had a registry to do all over, man would it be different, and definitely include the line up from: 360 cookware (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE).

One thing I really love is that the product is made in America. It's made with surgical grade stainless steel and they are straightforward with the materials they use (such a rare thing to find, now a days)! Their cookware is free of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Something else I find really interesting they share on their website is: "360 Cookware has ZERO EPA Permits, uses ZERO Toxic Chemicals and creates ZERO Landfill Contributions"

Anyways, look at it! It's so shiny and beautiful, swipe to see what I was using before (try not to laugh haha).

Okay, so the first thing I cooked on my large cookie tray was of course, chocolate chip cookies! I actually liked how big it was and I could fit more than a baker's dozen on the pan. I baked sourdough ones, and they turned out well, but I still haven't found/created the best chocolate chip recipe for me, so I'll keep ya updated on that!

Now, I need to go buy the medium one so I have a variety of sizes. OH! And DO NOT put it in the dishwasher! Warm, soapy water works well and it cleans off so easily! What are you going to bake on your chemical free 360 next?! Tell me in the comments, and as always, #GetSatiated.


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