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Maple Staples

Maple was a big theme for me last year, haha. Maple syrup in my coffee, maple candies, and all of these other goodies. When I found this company, I had to share it with you!

1. Pure Vermont Maple Candy - Okay, so I've enjoyed these straight out of the box most of the time...but also they're great to just drop (or dip) in some warm coffee! I've tried the little ones, big ones, and their "seconds"--aka flawed shapes, and I couldn't tell the difference, so I recommend these when they have 'em!

2. Maple Sugar Flakes - So much fun to sprinkle in my coffee, as a sweetener in homemade granola, and honestly, just eating out of the bag like popcorn!!!

3. The Maple Block - This cube is so cool -- I like to microplane it off the top (just like parmesan, haha) and top it on cupcakes, pancakes, and more. Next, I want to try it shaved on some grilled peaches, that sounds delicious! What's even better is that in their block, sugar flakes, and maple candy (above), the only ingredient is pure organic Vermont maple syrup.

4. Pure Maple Cream - The maple cream is good on sourdough, also in hot beverages, but really most of the time I eat it right off of the spoon!

NOTE: I am not an affiliate, but they do have a referral link

5. More - And of course, there's maple syrup!

I also recently found organic maple cotton candy (at a very special store) with super straightforward ingredients, so you know I had to try it!

What are some of your favorite maple products? Have you tried any of these? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.



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