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Warehouse Buys

Updated: Feb 16

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We're a Costco family, but my mom and sister are fans of Sam's and BJ's. I had the chance to browse all three recently, here are some of my top buys this season!

Sam's Club:

- 100% cotton clothes: I always keep my eye out for all cotton or linen clothes, it's rare, but it does happen sometimes!

- Large planters: I purchased two really large planters for our yard, I only wish I bought more because they're attractive, but it also states they won't crack if they happen to freeze! I got them in blue, but they had a beige and brown as well (if I'm remembering correctly)

- Lump Charcoal: My hubby is always up for trying new lump charcoal...I'm working on a post to share all the different one's we've tried!

- Sharpies: If you can tell from my recent seed post, the one black marker I had was wearing out making that awful noise on the egg carton when I was labeling it. Now, we're fully stocked and I don't have to listen to that awful noise!

- Organic Olive Oil Spray: Typically I use butter, lard, or tallow, but sometimes, it's nice to have an option that works a little faster. I was glad to see there were no other ingredients listed!

BJ's Wholesale:

- Grillo's Pickle Spears: This is actually what spurred this day of warehouse shopping! I can only get the pickle chips at Costco, but at BJ's they have the spears! And, they're in a much larger container! You know how fries taste different if they're wedges vs. skinny fries vs. waffle fries vs. curly fries? Same thing here, haha! I like the chips, but their spears are my fave. I got two containers, we'll see how long that lasts!

- Lump charcoal: I picked up a different brand than the one at Sam's (although, Sam's Club had this brand too, and cheaper!!! But, BJ's was our first stop and obviously, I wasn't aware)!

- Large Foil Containers: Speaking of the grill, my hubby has been smoking meats. Most recently, we were able to find a FULL brisket (flat + point). It was so large, he had to use two pans close together, but it still caused some fat leaking while smoking. I was excited to come across these larger pans (for the bigger meats). Unfortunately, if I remember, they had these less expensive at Sam's, too. Oh, and I'd rather not use foil pans, but we're not cooking the meat in it, just using as a drip tray. If you have another, better solution, please offer it in the comments!

- Batteries: Recently, I learned how to reset our garage code and we needed a 9v battery. Of course, it was the only kind we didn't have. Now we're stocked up. My sister had a coupon too, so, this was a win! I always buy my batteries in bulk, anyways.

- Organic Onions: I picked up two bags of these since we use onions regularly in our cooking. Just the other day we carmelized some with brisket on the side and it was delish!

- #4 Cone Filters: Remember that Moccamaster post I did not long ago? Well, it takes size 4 cone filters. I stocked up on these!!! They were a great deal for a pack of three boxes ($7.29)! Now, we won't run out for awhile. A gentlemen at the store couldn't help but comment how many I had in the cart, haha.

- Pork Rinds: Yep. More pork rinds! These ones aren't my fave (didn't win my taste test) but they're good in a pinch and were a good deal!

Costco Wholesale

- Lamb racks: This is one of my quick, decadent, favorite meals!

- Manchego: This Spanish sheep cheese is one of my favorites

- 4505 Pork Rinds: Their regular and Tajin flavored (the latter is most recently one of my favorites). To read my pork rind tasting review, check out this post!

- Ziploc bags: Typically I use reusable bags (that have lasted me years), but sometimes I just need this multi-pack!

- Mobil oil: I buy oil in bulk for the car

- Organic ataulfo mangoes: Come in a clam shell to prevent bruising. Most of the time these are perfectly ripe as soon as I buy them and I like to travel with them!

- Organic lemons & limes: I have a farm I get the best ones from, but I can't get them all year round, so I pick these up when they're available. Perfect for margaritas & lemonade (and almost every summer recipe)!

- Jerky: My hubby is loving this Snake River Farms jerky.

- Grillo's Pickles: These make a great side dish and go great on a charcuterie board.

- Wild Sockeye Salmon: This was my first time buying wild salmon here. We planned ahead since it was previously frozen so we didn't freeze & thaw again. It was tasty with some of my favorite spices and homemade mustard!

- Dirt: They have giant bags, I got two for raised beds and two for planters! I also bought some earlier this year since I tend to go through it so fast!

- Turkey: I am not one to buy lunch meat. Pepperoni? Yes. But typically not lunch meat. However, this was a great deal and had clean ingredients, so I had to give it a try! Makes a great quick lunch in between working outside!

- Toilet paper: Yes, I buy this in bulk. I tried the bamboo stuff, but turns out we're not fans, as much as I wanted to be, lol. And, my hubby just won't go for the family cloth (yet!) haha!

- Dish Soap: Yes, I know, but I keep some mainstream dish soap on hand, and let me tell ya, nothing else got the grease spill off of our patio! If you have alternatives that work, please tell me!

- Kitchen Mat: It's super padded and matches our kitchen perfectly. Only downside is when I drip water on it, it really shows, but dries without leaving a watermark!

- Organic Guacamole: We normally always make our own guac, but these 3 packs had straight forward ingredients and are a lot better deal than buying the bagged avocados (which used to be a main selling point to get a membership lol). They were okay, better topped on homemade nachos than alone with my favorite chips!

- Linen clothes - these (and the ones I found at Sam's) are my two favorite shorts of the year so far! These ones have such sweet detail on the pocket and tie!

- Feta cheese - This is organic and has straight forward ingredients. Recently I added it into burgers and it was a hit!

This was fun sharing my finds...I might have to do a sequel! Do you have a favorite warehouse store? Tell me in the comments. As always, #GetSatiated.

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