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Sourdough Pizza & Toppings

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I created my sourdough starter from scratch almost three years ago. I gave some to my dad, luckily, as I neglected mine and was able to eventually get back some of my original starter from him (wonderful)! Anyways, besides bread, sourdough pizza crusts are one of my favorite things to do with sourdough!

Here's the recipe I use. It's a really easy one and it has turned out for me every time. The only thing is, there's just no way to get around how long it takes to make. It's about two days worth of prep. However, I normally make a double batch and freeze what I'm not using right away, which has come in handy many times! Oh, and of course, I only use my favorite 00 Flour, that's been tested for glyphosate.

I've even packed the frozen dough in a cooler when traveling and it held up well!

I am pretty simple when it comes to pizza toppings, here are my faves (I just like a lot of them, lol):

- Pepperoni: typically I use the Applegate Farms brand. Sometimes I get the small ones, sometimes the big slices, but I always overlap them on top of my dough for the best, meatiest result!

- Pepperoncinis: either the Davina brand (which has the cleanest ingredients I can find which also taste like the ones that used to come in pizza boxes -- you know what I mean?), which has no food coloring--surprisingly, most of them do--or more recently, I found Big Picture Foods fermented pepperoncinis at my local store. They are good, but taste slightly different since they're fermented. Their ingredient list gets a grade A+ from me!

- Sauce: the Cucina Antica pizza sauce or Healthy Traditions tomato + basil is typically what I use.

- Cheese: manchego (Costco has a great one!) is my fave or sometimes I will get wild and use chevre or goat gouda.

I'm glad I'm writing this post now as it's a great reminder that I'm overdue to make some of these crusts to have on hand! What's your favorite pizza topping? Tell me in the comments. As always, #GetSatiated.

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