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My Costco Closet: Part 1

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Costco Clothing: Yes or No? I've been a fan of Costco clothing for the past few years now. Whether it's pima cotton and merino wool shirts for my hubby or linen shorts for me, I figured it's time I share some of my most recent favorites. You may know I read ALL things with a label--food and clothing alike--and aim to have all natural fabrics against my skin. While that is possible 90% of the time, there are a few items on this list that, although they don't fully meet my material criteria, they're great options until I do find more natural alternatives.

black joggers
my fave joggers

I'd have to say my most favorite finds recently are the Kirkland brand women's joggers. They're so comfy and great for sleep, lounging, working out, etc... The only drawback is the drawstring -- I wish it had a little stretch (you'll notice this as a common thread - pun intended!). I liked these so much, I bought a second pair. They have them in black, red, blue, and heathered grey if I recall correctly. For some reason, the black ones feel the best to me. The other colors felt a little too slippery. If you're interested in reading about my tennis shoes pictured above, check out this post!

For the last couple summers, I have almost exclusively been wearing the linen/rayon shorts I picked up on the women's tables. They're comfy and go well with so many things, and can be dressed up or down. I've also worn them kayaking and swimming (long story, haha) and they held up well. Ideally, I'd like the drawstrings to have a slight stretch, and for them to not have the rayon blend, but for the price point and how much use I've gotten out of them, they're great! I have them in last year's black with white stripe, white and blue marble (see first picture below - and read more about my tank top here), and this year's navy, black, and hibiscus white/blue (see second pic below). I also have two pairs of linen/rayon pants that are great for casual, semi-casual, and even for bed.

blue and white linen blend shorts
blue + white linen shorts
different blue and white linen blend shorts (flower pattern)
flower linen shorts
black linen blend shorts
black linen shorts

Mondetta Leggings - I was hesitant in buying these but the blue color was so pretty. It's not made of natural fabrics, but to find a pair of inexpensive workout pants that aren't transparent is rare these days. They have cute decorative ankle mesh and are the perfect length. They were on the star (last call) and in the future I will get another pair of these if they come back.


leggings view with mesh at ankle

Orvis tennis skirt - I shopped for hours at a few other stores to find a tennis skirt after last summer's tennis (and basketball) season. Looking for something that's comfortable and that I can store some balls in for serving, I picked this up. Unfortunately, a lot of the others I tried on lacked pocket space (at all) or for tennis balls, even though they were a tennis style skirt, so weird!

tennis skirt with racket

side view of tennis skirt

Okay, so here are the real details...I think this skirt will be great for tennis, but tennis only. Or, maybe, just some kayaking. I wore this on a walk/run and the next day my skin was chaffed so bad! I also think part of the reason is that I prefer my clothes larger/looser, and the built-in shorts were slightly too big, so in this case, they rode up and bam, chaffing. I think for tennis, it will have time to readjust and be just what I need, offering a hands-free storage method while being stylish (as much as I am, anyways!). Stay tuned for all the details about summer shorts that help me avoid chafing (post coming soon!).

Max and Mia leggings - I liked these, they were comfy, but I may need to size up because I think they shrunk a bit. I got them in navy and would definitely buy another pair. They also got a hole in the seam after just a few uses, but I still would (and will) buy them again!

picture of leggings and hoodie

I'm thinking about keeping this Costco clothing as an ongoing series, with this as My Costco Closet: Part 1. Whattya think? You can read more about my Costco purchases here and another one coming soon. What are your favorite Costco clothing finds? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.



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