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Let Me Tell Ya About Them Lems!

I've been searching for a favorite minimalist style shoe since before five fingers were a thing! When I found out about Lems I was open to give them a try, but was not expecting much since I'm mostly disappointed in shoes. My qualifications for a good shoe are minimal, in my opinion! I like to be able to feel the ground when I walk, have a flexible sole, and look for no/very minimal heel drop.

I am not affiliated with Lems, just sharing my experience since it's taken me so long to find a barefoot/minimalist style shoe I like and because they have so many options! I wish I had someone's review to read before I purchased and could read authentic deep-dives on the ones I haven't tried yet!

Here's all the styles I'll be sharing:

  • Primal 2

  • Waterproof Boulder Boot

  • Primal Zens

  • Drifters

  • Mesa

These Primal 2's are sooo comfortable and have great colors to match my style.

This was my first pair of Lems. I was amazed by how comfortable they were right away with no break-in period! The toe box is the widest of any shoe I've experienced before. Primal 2's are great for everyday walking like grocery shopping! The olive color is so pretty, but their eclipse (dark blue) and brown are on my list to try out next.

Once I get these Boulder boots on, I can wear them anywhere, rain or shine.

These are the only boots I've ever tried that I can actually feel the ground in. Most boots I feel like I am walking on a platform and could easily twist my ankle in them. The bottoms are not as flexible to me as the Primal 2's, but they are very flexible for a functional boot. For some reason, it's a little tough getting these on and off with the angle of where my feet go in, and they are a little tighter on my ankles than I'd like, but the bottom of them is so comfortable, they'll continue to be my go-to boot!

Nice and bright Primal Zens, ready for the court!

You might be looking at these and wonder why I got the white version of the green ones I have (pictured above), but they're not! The Primal Zens (white sand) still have plenty of room in the toe box, but they're not quite as wide as the Primal 2's, which is perfect and exactly what I needed. Whether I'm playing basketball, tennis, or practicing my sprints (long story on that, haha), they fit nicely and I don't feel like I'm going to trip or catch my toe because of an extra wide fit.

My deep sea Drifters

The main purpose for these shoes is that they looked like the perfect house shoe! They're flexible and have a comfortable bottom. I like the cotton look and feel and they are great to slip on before going down to the basement. They don't slip on quite as easily as I'd like and are a little tight on the top of my foot. Their website says to size up a half size, and I think I missed that part on these ones! Which brings up a good point, to be sure to check their size guide on their site for every pair since they have very good recommendations for the best fit. So, the next pair I order, I will. Plus, I really want to try the (faux fur) wool-lined Drifters.

My husband's Mesa shoe

I love the look of these - my husband has a pair (pictured above) and thinks they're super comfortable! I got them in Rosewood. The color is great and the toebox is good, but the slight heel lift was too much for me and the sole on these were a little too stiff. I returned my Mesa's for the Primal Zens.

Please be sure to let me know if you like this review and if you decide to try a pair I haven't reviewed, let me know which ones I should try next! Join me in my stories on IG and as always, #GetSatiated.



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