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Natural Fabric Clothing At A Store Near You: Part I

Updated: Feb 20

I love shopping small as much as I can, but sometimes I need something fast and found some great natural fabrics recently that I wanted to share!

Let's start with those comfy clothes! I had a pair of pants (from middle school, maybe?) that were my favorite. Black velvet and comfortable but literally the waistline was falling out of them. Besides that, they were all polyester. It's just so hard to replace with something new, especially when they were so comfortable. So, I got a size up because I cannot stand to be constricted (hence, no bra for years). Anyways, I was able to find some 100% cotton options that really are comfortable.


collage of comfy clothes I tried

  1. A white cotton sweatshirt from Target. I like the V-neck. It is not very long, but I wear my pants high, so that's not too much of an issue for me, haha!

  2. A long sleeved, cotton shirt. I can wear this paired with jeans or throw on with some of the comfy pants. I like the charcoal color. This is from Target.

  3. The same as number two, but in a burnt orange color. I like the color of this one, too!

  4. To be honest, the biggest draw to this was the brand name--"Just Living"--because I say that so often, haha! But, it is 100% cotton. Paired easily with comfy pants or with normal pants for a more casual look, I purchased this from TJMaxx.

  5. These wine colored cotton pants are really comfortable and the spandex waistband and ankles aren't too tight (but I got them a size up). From: Target

  6. Of all the pants I purchased to use as pajama bottoms, these are my favorites. They feel nice inside and I like knowing they are made of cotton. I wish the drawstring had a little stretch, but not a big deal. I found these at Target.

  7. Believe it or not, these are the matching pants to the shirt in number four. They are comfy and flowy, but very long! They'll be perfect for spring time pj's, though! This was a TJMaxx purchase.

  8. First I got these in black -- then purchased the blue ones after, since I liked them so much. They're perfect for cooler nights because they are made from a much thicker cotton fabric. These are from the JoyLab collection at Target, and I just may buy them in another color as well!

Next, let's talk tops.


collage of tees and tanks I tried

  1. This is a simple V-neck, short sleeve cotton tee. The green is vibrant and goes perfect with jeans. It will also be a great top to sleep in when summer hits! From: Target

  2. A sweater made of 100% cotton with no acrylic?! Yes siree! And man, these are a challenge to find. I actually got mine in black, but it was out of stock when I made this graphic. When they have the blue in my size, I will buy it and wait for winter next year! It's longer overall but more so in the back and has nice slits on the side which gives me a more free range of motion, boy do I like that! From: Old Navy

  3. The gray top is the same as number one, just a different color. I also purchased it in coral.

  4. This looks like an ordinary black top, but it's not! This is actually 100% organic cotton. It's soft and has nice details, like the cuffed sleeves. From: Marshalls

  5. This one looks unique in this color, and is actually the style of number four, in coral.

  6. Since I try to avoid wearing restrictive clothing (like bras), I wear tank tops under my clothes. Do you know how hard it is to find a tank that is not binding? Really hard in my experience, lol! I thought I found one last year, a cute, 100% cotton white tank to wear under my summer linen dresses, but it was cut so high and wide, it was awkward and just didn't work. I purchased these tanks in white (pictured), black, and a light brown. They're made of cotton and modal. I was worried the straps would be too wide and the ribbing would show through, but they aren't and it doesn't! I think this is my new go-to undershirt. From: Target

Gotta have some pants to pair with those tops, right?! Let's see what I found.


collage of pants I tried

  1. These are made with cotton and spandex so they have a nice little stretch added. They are high rise (my favorite) with a tapered leg. The constructive feedback I got from people was that they seemed to fit a little boxy. However, that could be because I sized up to try to avoid feeling any elastic tension on my waist. It is also imperative I can move in a full range of motion in my clothes, so in the original size I ordered, there was tension in my squat position and I didn't want to risk ripping another pair of pants...or worse, have poor movement because my clothing was restrictive. The blue and white stripes are cute and I think will be great for spring. From: Target

  2. When I find something I like, I tend to buy it in every color. These are the same as number one, but green, obviously. The fabric description also includes lyocell. I wish they were only cotton, but my options are limited!

  3. Remember how I said when I like something I purchase it in every color? These are just like number two, but in black. It's more of a fadey black color, though. Maybe it's the paper bag waist I just can't get enough of?!

  4. Originally listed (and a big part of the draw for me) on Target's site as "100% organic cotton," they have now removed the organic text. I was wondering if it was too good to be true because when I received them, there was no mention of organic on the label, just sustainable. So, they are at least cotton, but that was misleading, for sure. They're high rise and a typical 80's mom jean style, with no stretch. My constructive feedback team said these "gave me no shape." But, once again, I got a size larger so I could move and breathe. Since then, I found two more pairs of jeans better suited for everyday, and am turning this pair (and number five) into work jeans. I will still probably wear them on normal days though, since they don't bind me.

  5. Essentially the same jeans as number four, down to the mislabeled organic wording, but in a darker wash.

Dresses are my favorite to wear, especially on warm spring days and throughout the summer.


collage of dresses and a belt I tried

  1. Let's talk accessories! Honestly, I'm not much of an accessories gal, and I cannot tell you the last time I even wore a belt...but those paper bag pants and these loose dresses demanded it, haha. Most of the belts I was searching were made of junk materials and I could smell them off gassing through the page (lol, I'm extreme, I know)! This is an Italian leather braided belt from TJMaxx with a great price point!

  2. I ordered this 100% cotton dress true to size from Old Navy. Unlike many of the other dresses with the elastic sleeves, this is loose and doesn't dig into my skin. It's flowy and is cute with the belt.

  3. I can't wait for it to get warm enough to wear this cute, black embroidered cotton dress. It is on the more stylish side for a flowy cotton dress; also from Old Navy.

  4. This cotton dress has a feminine ruffled hem and a removable slip. I also love that it has a matching tie around the waist. The elastic sleeves are not binding, either. From: TJMaxx

  5. I have gotten the most comments wearing this all-cotton dress so far. The green color is so pretty and earthy, it has a nice tie, and is long sleeved, so I can wear it now! From: Old Navy

  6. (Not pictured) I also purchased a bright yellow, short sleeved linen dress from Marshalls. I can't wait to pair it with the leather belt. It was sold out online before I could get a pic, but, if you don't follow me on Instagram, do it and be entertained by my stories! It'll be shared there!

I did find one (new to me) small business that I loved the idea of the natural dyes and handmade slow fashion. It is called a bra, but more of a tank. I wanted to get it to be able to wear under dressier clothes and even for workouts outside (to be more appropriate). The cedarwood color I purchased is beautiful, and although it does stretch, it is tighter than I'd like. It will still work for my needs, but I will only wear it for short periods of time and next purchase, I will get the larger size. (pictured here in tonal 3).

tank bra I tried

To see me sporting these natural clothes, tap through this carousel:

The main point of this post is to check your clothing labels. I don't always buy organic threads (I'd like to, but this post would be much shorter and probably only include 4or 5 items) -- and it's nice to know there are more places all around to get natural fabric clothing at a reasonable price. If you want to know more about why I am searching out cotton and natural threads (and for some of my favorite places to get organic basics and more) check out this post! Where have you found natural fabrics that surprised you? Tell me in the comments. As always, #GetSatiated.



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