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My New Favorite Way to Make Coffee on the Daily

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Part 1: The Maker

My husband mentioned this automatic pour-over style maker a couple years ago. I kinda shrugged it off because, well, I am pretty much against drip coffee makers. Maybe it's because in middle school as an office aid I didn't know where the water went so I put it in the pitcher and the top and well, let's just say there was a giant mess and I never got asked to make coffee again haha. Or maybe it's because it's really hard to clean most of them and mold grows? Or because it always tastes burnt? And also, we have like a million other different ways to make coffee:

Phew, I think that's all, but...ya see what I mean? Anyways, he was gifted this auto style pour-over he mentioned, called the Technivorm Moccamaster. What I didn't know was that it would turn into my new favorite way to make coffee on the daily! Whaaat? No more french press? That's right. Moccamaster it is! Why? Well, a few reasons, actually.

  1. (Starting with the most important) The coffee tastes great.

  2. It's a very hands off method of brewing.

  3. It's really easy to clean and to replace the parts (if needed).

  4. It doesn't take up much room on the counter - it has a sleek and slim fit.

  5. It's really fast - I normally do a half a pot for me (and drink it over a couple days/make iced coffee cubes) and it is done in like 2 minutes. Doesn't take much longer for a full pot, either.

  6. It stops dripping coffee if you remove the carafe early - either because you can't wait any longer or if you don't realize what you're doing lol (the latter is me, and it's a great safety and cleanliness feature)

  7. You can keep coffee on the warmer for about an hour - so there's no need to heat up my hubby's second cup, it stays nice and warm and fresh!

It was also convenient that it uses the same size filters we had for our pour over, so that was a bonus! Check out this tutorial I made on how I use it:

Wanna start your grind rising with a new way to brew? Check out all the colors they have here! Oh, and what coffee do I drink? Click here to find out (Use my affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE). What's your favorite way to make coffee? Be sure to tell me in the comments, and as always, #GetSatiated.

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