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Adante Spicy Yellow Mustard

Updated: Feb 16

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Mustard is one of my hubby's favorite condiments...and it's one of my favorite things to make! I've been making it for about five years now. In fact, I remember a lightbulb going off when I learned it was something I could make! Check out my first mustard making post here. Obviously, my ingredients and method have changed slightly, but one thing I love about mustard-making is that it's so forgiving!

How I did it:

To make this batch, I dumped a jar of Adante yellow mustard seeds in a Weck jar (I am loving these & am planning a jar review soon)! I had a tiny bit of brown mustard seeds left so I threw those in too. They are SO much spicier than yellow mustard seeds. I let them sit in the jaw with apple cider vinegar for about 8 weeks. This is part of the forgiveness of mustard I was referring to. Sometimes I let it sit for a few days before making, but I have also let it go a few months. With this one, my goal was actually to make it sooner, but I couldn't find it in the fridge...I knew it was in there, somewhere! Anyways, when I finally found the jar, I made it!

- I added about three tablespoons of honey (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)in the blender. If I was making a true honey mustard, I'd add more.

- Next, I put in two generous pinches of salt (affiliate code: SB10). I love storing my bulk spices and pantry items in these containers! Keep your eye out for my pantry post, coming soon!

- Then, I took the mustard seeds & ACV (approximately 3/4 cup) that had been steeping together for a couple months, and poured it all into the blender.

- Then, I blended it up really well.

- I gave it a few taste tests (yes, I get a new spoon each time -- if you've ever seen my silverware drawer empty, you know this is true lol). I may add a little more salt or honey depending on what I'm looking for, but this batch was pretty on point! I washed the jar it had been steeping in from the fridge, and then after blending I poured it back in the same jar and refrigerated it for my hubby to enjoy. I really like dipping sausages in my homemade mustard, it's delicious!

Have you ever made your own mustard? Did you even know you could?! Oh, and if you're wondering, mustard is on @sknorton's low oxalate list. If you want more like this in real time, follow me on Instagram @satiatedblonde! As always, #GetSatiated.

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