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Grocery Store-bought Sausages Review

Updated: Jan 30

It might seem weird that I am doing a review on store-bought sausages...but the thing is, one: I like food. And, two: although my hubby and I like to cook, sometimes we don't feel like it or need something fast! I appreciate that these brands all have straightforward ingredients and are really convenient. I'll be sure to keep updating this as I try new ones that pass my test ingredient-wise! For now, here are my reviews:

1. Niman Ranch Hot Dogs - just the word hot dog throws me off because real hot dogs are not like what's labeled in the store as hot dogs, haha. I prefer the all beef hot dogs from my local farm the best. However, these are great in a pinch since they're quick to thaw. The only thing I'd say is normally we buy these in bulk and I end up having to eat them for too many days in a row. But for a meal or two? A good option.

2. Niman Ranch Andouille - this was okay. A slight smokey taste and good texture, but I discovered that the next one on the list was even better...

3. Niman Ranch Pork Bratwurst - to my surprise, these are my favorite in the Niman Ranch family! Very flavorful and it's so nice to have quick meat on hand. They go well on their own with some sauerkraut on the side or mixed in a quick leftover stir fry type meal!

4. Bilinski's Chicken Mushroom - This is my favorite go-to grocery store sausage. These (and the others below) are organic, which is great. All of their ingredients are straightforward. I don't really taste the mushroom, but just find this to be the tastiest of all the ones from this company I've tried...but I'd like to try more (their cilantro + lime sounds really good!). Every once in awhile I will get a small piece of gristle. But otherwise, I keep my eye out for when they're on sale as they freeze well and thaw fast, and make a quick, easy meal since they are pre-cooked (huge win!).

5. Bilinkski's Italian with Bell Peppers - There are two different versions of this, and I don't find either the Mild or Spicy to really be spicy. They're okay, but not as flavorful as I'd like.

6. Bilinski's Spinach - really, I don't even know why I tried the spinach, when I hate how it makes my teeth feel (hello, oxalates, lol).

7. Costco's Paleo Sausage - this was good and had straightforward ingredients, but it was way too garlicky for me. I ended up trying it another time and the garlic seemed less intense, so garlicky, but inconsistent. I would still buy these again since they make a quick and easy lunch.

What are your favorite quick sausages? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.



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