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Pardon me, do you have any…

Updated: Aug 27, 2020


The day I got my mustard seeds I was planning on making some mustard for dinner. I thought I would just grind up some seeds and it would magically turn into stone ground deliciousness. I mentioned this to my family and they laughed. Turns out the turnaround time is slightly longer, but pretty simple!

How I made it:

*I tasted every day though, it is amazing how much the flavor changes! At first it was wasabi-ish, it tasted the best about 2 weeks after it had been in fridge*

Then, I found myself putting it on everything! I really like to use it as my salad dressing mixed with a little more apple cider vinegar and olive oil. I cannot wait to make another batch (and I need to, I ate all of this already). What would I do different? Maybe a half cup of black seeds & one and a half cups of yellow seeds (it was quite spicy)! I am also curious about adding some turmeric next time!

If I don’t have homemade on hand and need some in a pinch, I might use a few of these: mustard, mustard, and more mustard! #GetSatiated

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