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A Brand That Checks All My Boxes

Updated: Feb 16

What's in your pantry? I have a wide variety, but one of my favorite brands I've always got on hand is Healthy Traditions. I've been pleasantly surprised by their wide range of staples they released over the past year...including coffee beans (choose green or already roasted!).

If you know me, you know that I always have a handful of different honeys at the ready for honey tastings! I tend to buy up unique jars of honey when I travel, including our recent trip to an apple cider farm in Michigan! It was delicious. Our tastings usually include a couple local honeys, and some unique infused honeys. Right now I have a lavender one and another I infused myself, plus a couple different ones from Healthy Traditions, including Andean honey (I like this one the best) and last but not least, rainforest honey. For years, it has been my go-to daily honey, and has a great pure flavor. I could do a whole post on different tastings my hubby and I do/have done. Yes, it uses a lot of spoons, haha!

I still have some high oxalate things in the pantry that are used sparingly. By buying through Healthy Traditions, I can rest easy knowing they're the best quality I have found. Things like: almonds, walnuts, kidney beans, and black beans (I like to soak and fry them up for nachos). I talk more about storage of these items in my Pantry Project, Part I post.

I've shared many times on here (and frequently in my instagram stories) about the Healthy Traditions flour I like...and I used it to make these cinnamon rolls and this pizza dough.

Recently, they also started carrying double concentrated tomato paste. This works great mixed with some stock and raw milk for tomato soup! And, it comes in glass so it doesn't have that canned taste, which I am very happy about!

They have a few different kinds of tomato sauce, too, including tomato & basil sauce, and one with mushrooms. They both taste good (and these are in glass, too). The basil one is top notch on sourdough pizzas!!!

I am hooked on the Healthy Traditions estate bottled olive oil. It is tested for glyphosate (as is the flour).

And, they have the original (from what I can find) nixtamalized chip that is actually cooked in a good oil! They use coconut oil. And, as much of a love-hate relationship I have with coconut oil, I cannot taste it on the chips, and I love that haha. I have tried all of the chip varieties they have. The restaurant style tortilla chips are my favorite. The only thing I'd change is adding slightly more salt. Otherwise, they're delicious. The "authentic" style chips are too thick for me! My second fave are the lime tortilla chips. Now, these are heavily seasoned which I really like, to eat plain or just to mix it up.

I wanted to be sure to share my haul from this brand as I think they stand out among many others! See more of what I share in my stories, and as always, #GetSatiated.

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