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Apple Cider Taste Test

Updated: Feb 16

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Local apple cider is the best. The place we found at our farmers' market uses integrative pest management, which is nice that they're even aware of that since I am unable to find any organic cider. We've actually been able to find two apple farms that are conscious of what they use on their land and their apples!

Here's a picture of the farm we visited in Michigan: Bennett's Orchard. They also have a little store and outdoor farmers market, sell homemade donuts on the weekends in peak season, and have a cidery with multiple flavors to choose from that they make in house! I look forward to going back at a different time in the season next year and hope to catch more of the apples on the tree!

Here's a beautiful video I captured on the grounds, too:

Witt Orchard is another cider brand I tried at the farmer's market. They have a huge assortment of apples, too. We got a bunch and tried some different flavors, but gala is my go to. I actually had my family do a taste test of the two cider brands mentioned here, and another local one. Witt's was more tart, but really good. Bennett's had a nice balance of sweetness and tartness. It really just depends on your preference. Also, I preferred Witt's better warm and Bennett's cold! So many fun ways to taste test! If you want to see my adventures in apple fritter making, check this post!

I like it ice cold and also heated up as a warm evening drink. It's great to have on hand for many other things, too. Check out all some of the other ways we enjoy it:

Apple Cider + lemon + scotch = one of my hubby's favorites

Apple cider + spoonful of marmalade = I like it like this warm.

Apple cider as a sub for milk, like I did in the apple fritters recipe in one version I made

Apple cider instead of water or milk for powdered sugar icing

Salad dressing = Apple cider + olive oil + white pepper + salt (affiliate code: SB10)

A friend recently told me about another orchard that has u-pick fruits (including apples) and they make raw, unpasteurized cider which I am very excited to try. Look forward to hearing more about that towards the end of summer, once I get a chance to go, pick, and sample! I've had fun experimenting and trying it so many different ways. How do you enjoy cider? Tell me in the comments & as always, #GetSatiated.

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