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Berry Picking at Johnston Fruit Farms

Updated: Feb 16

Find out about my sling purse in this post.

We went berry picking on our anniversary. Strawberries, red raspberries, and black raspberries were in season. We'd never been to Johnston Fruit Farms before, but we will definitely be going back!

With the plethora of fruit we picked (it was hard to stop with perfect berries all around!), we ate some, froze some, and I made chocolate covered everything! Tap though to see all of the pictures in the carousel below.

There's more at the farm than just berries, and we did it ALL! They have a few animals in a petting zoo, and also lavender and flower picking. We ended up with a beautiful bouquet to take home. I dried some of the lavender and have sprigs of it adorned throughout our home -- and it still smells good! There were TONS of bees all around the lavender though, which is great, but not the easiest to pick.

Blueberry picking was later in the season, towards the end of July. We went back for that, but it is in a different field, a mile or two away. I was glad I was prepared in these comfy gardening/rain boots I got last year at Target. They have held up well and even though they have a heel, they are pretty flexible on the bottom. These were the best ones I could find without spending over a hundred dollars. I've hose-cleaned and sun-dried them a few times, too!

It was hard to get over how much the blueberries hung like grapes -- I had no idea! And we found out the best ones were deep in the bushes, so it was definitely an adventure!

What are your favorite berries to pick? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.

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