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Organic Apple Fritters: For the TSB's Husband

Updated: Feb 20

apples in a basket

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My husband made a recent request for three things: chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, and apple fritters (and he told me not necessarily in that order). Apple fritters (and bear claws) have always been some of his favorites and I would much rather make them for him with nutritious ingredients, made with love, than have him pick one up somewhere fried in rancid oil. They are surprisingly easy to make! I followed the recipe from here (with a few tweaks, of course):

My Recipe Tweaks:

  • I added a little apple cider to the milk for the liquid. I've also fully subbed out the milk for only apple cider (to make the fritter and the icing dairy free when we had company!).

  • I add a dash of allspice in with the cinnamon (the spice company I linked to tastes so much better to me than any other spices I've had in my life!).

  • Of course, I fry them in tallow from our cow (or bacon fat--the most recent batch I made, I used lard because we had bacon for breakfast)

  • Milk from my local farmer is all I use now

  • 00 Flour instead of all-purpose (it's tested for glyphosate and the only kind my body can tolerate without having reactions to it)

  • I've been making my own vanilla for a year and a half now, so that's what I use. This is my favorite type of vanilla bean to infuse.

Take a look at these pics (click and swipe to see them all):

You can see the beautiful chunks of organic apples in there. I make them a little smaller so they cook faster. That also leads to more surface area for the icing...yum! Here are a couple quick videos from the process:

Hear that sizzle?! You may also hear me thanking my husband for his thoughtful tips on filming and light, haha!

Completed product. Whattya think? Would you give them a try? Tell me in the comments, and as always, #GetSatiated.



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