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Transform Your Leftovers: Nachos Edition

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Homemade nachos are such a great way to use leftovers and can totally transform them into something different! Topped with green onions and a squeeze of lime, yum! Here are a couple ways we do it:

Base layer:

-My favorite chips [these are the only ones we have in our house, they're traditionally processed (by nixtimalization) & tested for glyphosate].

Meat layer:

-Leftover meat (this is usually rotisserie chicken, brisket, or pulled rib meat).


-Guacamole (or sliced avocado)

-Green onion


-Black beans: my husband really enjoys refried beans, but I like making them myself. I soak 'em, cook 'em well, and fry them in tallow. (black beans are high ox)

-Radishes: these add a nice spice and color to the plate! (these are low ox)

-Sauce: sometimes we do salsa, but when we have it, enchilada sauce is our go to!

Enjoy the nacho pics:

Can't forget that squeeze of lime!

These are what nachos look like when we only have meat, cheese, and salsa. Not as neat looking, but still very tasty!

Here's the enchilada sauce we use, pretty straight forward ingredients. Note: their mole sauce has ingredients that don't pass my test (I just mention this because they come in similar packaging and we picked it up by mistake one time)!

Look at those toppings!

Rotisserie chicken, radishes, avocado, manchego chunks, enchilada sauce.

What's your favorite way to make nachos? Any toppings I need to try? Tell me in the comments! As always, #GetSatiated.



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