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ZOE Farms: A NE Ohio Gem for Grass-fed Meat and More

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

There's so much we love about ZOE. The most important being that they are doing things the right way...the real right way. When they say organic, it's old school organic. When they say free range, it's really free range. And, it's a family owned business.

How it works:

They have a red caboose which has a variety of grass-fed meat, eggs, stock, etc. inside, and they recently added an outside portion with more fridges, a few freezers, and fresh produce. They use the honor system for purchasing which is also something I appreciate. They do have electric fences around the property, so I am always mindful when I say hi to the animals that wander up to see us. I was greeted by some friendly farm dogs the last few visits, too (note, these smaller dogs I'll pet, but the big white great pyrenees in the fenced-in areas are off limits, as they truly are guard dogs that protect the other farm animals from predators--including strangers!).

We've liked everything from ZOE (of course!) but I want to highlight some of my favorites:

  • Maple syrup - you can read more about this here

  • Pullets - they taught me about the best eggs there are. (more on these soon)

  • Coppa steak - these are like the creme de la creme pork chops, so good!

  • Beer brats - my hubby really likes these - they are very tasty

  • Kielbasa - if I had to pick my one favorite thing from them, this would be it! Sometimes they have it fresh (not frozen), too!

  • Beef brisket - we have tried a couple of their briskets that my husband smokes on the charcoal grill. It's so nice knowing (and tasting) that we're eating meat that was raised correctly. Something about it just tastes better! Read more about it here.

  • More than just meat - they also carry fermented foods (my recent favorite being dilly beans - they're so good, crisp, and make a perfect side, just like pickles, lol. They have a raw milk farm share, but if that's not your thing (or if you need more) they have low temperature pasteurized dairy products from milk to cheese to yogurt!

Dry aged beef is something I'm seeing more and more of at ZOE -- I like the flavor concentration and probably also increased bioavailability? We've tried several of these cuts, the ground beef being a go-to, now. It's super flavorful! The steaks though? They're melt in my mouth!

Burgers on the grill with the 60 day dry aged ground beef

Here's a few other pics of the animals, products they have, and most importantly, the farmers!

Do you know your farmer? I recommend it! As always, #GetSatiated.

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