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They're All Lovely Lipids, Aren't They?!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support.

Kossma Beauty released a new, limited edition item for her holiday sale. I stocked up (in my usual fashion), and since my sister picked me up first thing in the morning to go holiday shopping, I was super excited to get up early that day and do some online ordering on Kossma's site first--I wanted to make sure I placed my order before everything sold out! I was running low on tallow balm so I picked up a couple tubes of that! You can read my review of it here. I also purchased her Purely Potent Vitamin C Serum (which lasts a really long time, surprisingly)! I tried some new products, including her brand new, limited edition bottle of Lovely Lipids. But really, all her products have amazing tallow in it (hence the punny title above, haha)! I also got a new batch (not a new product) of her Nilotica Shea Butter. Keep on reading to find out the other new products I tried & restocked on!

This is a blend of all of Kossma's organic pasture raised animal fats, plant oils and fruit butters that is also Infused with Colorado poplar bud resins and California olive leaf.

This product is PUFA AWARE and essential oil-free and only available for a short time. I am so glad I was able to get a bottle before they sell out, since it is a special, limited release product! I like to use a hydrosol, her C Serum, lovely lipids, and followed by a heavier serum (like the Ghee Balm) before sealing in the goodness with her tallow balm. Lovely Lipids is so much lighter and airy to me (in a good way) and smells reminiscent of a wild berry pastry -- mmmm lol. I hope this becomes permanent in her collection and not just a limited release.

Previously, I was still spot treating with essential oils -- eeeek, I know. But, I am so glad to have this as an e.o.-free option to use as an as-needed spot treatment instead. "The oils chosen for this product are lower in saturated fats, which can aggravate acne prone skin due to their buttery richness; but still, in true Kossma fashion, does not contain any inflammatory PUFA seed oils just light and soothing animal fats of leaf lard and emu oil which preforms remarkably well on acne skin types." I am so grateful to have this as a spot treatment and found it worked really well for my skin.

I have reviewed this already here, but she updated the formula. I liked it then and love it now! I use it for slugging in the evening before bed and on my hands, too. It has also worked well protecting my cheeks from the winter wind! If I remember correctly, it was her best seller during the November sale she had. She describes it as, "A minimal, yet deeply healing multi-purpose salve. Organic & grass-fed American tallow, frankincense resin, boswellia extract, myrrh resin, Colorado honey & fresh beeswax cappings from Boulder, CO and a touch of pastured Emu oil and cold-pressed jojoba oil." Like her many other products, this one is a staple for me!

I have purchased this before, but so grateful she carries this. I have made my own, too...but the calendula she uses is far superior than anything I could find to buy. She sources from a small business, Crystal Organic Farm and their calendula is beautiful! Even though it is dried, it still looks like it is alive! Such vibrance filled in the herbs she is using to make this extract! It's sold out now, but scheduled to be back in stock February, 2023.

I have reviewed this before, fact, it has a review page all to itself! I stocked up on this, too. As I shared in the review, I like using it (and am still using it) a couple times a week and also when I shave (mix it with my body cleanse - Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE) and sometimes when I want to do a whole body exfoliation! In the previous review, I share just what makes this exfoliant stand out from all the others I've ever tried!

It's harvested fresh and only available for a short period of time, so I was sure to get some of this year's harvest! It is so creamy and a little thicker, which I prefer, especially during the wintertime and post-shaving!

It looks like somehow I've missed reviewing this amidst all the other products, but it is a daily staple for me! I don't always mix it with the powder, but appreciate how easy it is to use and that her C Serum is non-oxidizing (she shares that a lot of the C serums on the market are oxidized)!!! Her formula is created "to stimulate collagen production, lighten yellow-brown pigment spots, and brighten the skin while fighting UV, environmental & PUFA damage (lipofuscin)."

I am so grateful she created this product, it has become my "lotion." It's perfect after shaving and smells like milk chocolate! She also has a lavender one (smells like rosemary to me, since it's made with the WHOLE plant, not essential oil)! She makes another one for the summer that I like to put on when I'm outside, but otherwise, this is my go-to!

I'm always excited to review her new products. If you missed any of my previous ones, check them out here (newest to oldest):

Oh, and I have an exclusive Kossma Beauty affiliate code that saves on checkout -- tap my affiliate link for the code to auto-apply and try out the first PUFA aware skincare line! Join me as I share about her products on my IG page and as always, #GetSatiated.


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