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PUFA Aware Skin Care Review (An Ongoing Series)

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Kossma Beauty is a father-daughter owned apothecary in Colorado. She has such a creative mind and so much hands-on experience in making her products: balms, salves, body oils, elixirs, hydrosols, and more! One thing I love is that she is always experimenting, trying new things, and refining her products and her process, sharing her behind-the-scenes on Instagram stories (including the beautifully bright and full-of-life herbs sourced here in the USA from Crystal Organic Farm).

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support.

Updates, Review, & New Releases

On my last Kossma review post, I mentioned I was excited to try her Nipple Nest Balm. Since then, the Sovereign Tallow Salve was reinvented and includes some of the herbs used in the nipple balm. A few other updates, the Secret Garden product I shared about previously has been updated/renamed: Reishi Rose Tallow Face Oil. Calendula Cleansing Oil that I like to use when I wear make up was formerly her Pre-Cleanse. Stephanie no longer makes the tallow creams as they took up a lot of time and sold out too quickly! She has released (and is in the process of releasing) so many more products. I'm waiting for the pre-release items I purchased to be delivered so I can try those and share here! In the mean time, I wanted to share two other products I have not had a chance to review on here, but have been trying out!

Milky Mask

Two things that make this mask unique in my opinion is 1. the smell and 2. it doesn't dry out my skin. It smells like hot chocolate! I want to eat it every time I put it on (but refrained, lol). Most masks I use make my skin feel really tight and then dry afterwards. I didn't experience either of these things with the Milky Mask. This is no longer available on her site, but I would not be surprised if it made its way back on there.

Meadowfoam Beauty Oil

From time to time, if I'm lucky, she offers some of the single, raw ingredients used in her skin care line. This Meadowfoam Oil is one of them. It's so silky and light, I actually really like to oil cleanse (only wash my skin with oil & water) with this. Other oils she's offered on her site include jojoba & shea (can't wait for that to come back in stock)!

If you've been reading this wondering what products to expect a review on next, here's what I've ordered:

  1. Herbal Hydrosol - I talk about her other hydrosols I've tried here, but this one is a blend of lavender & nettles!

  2. Creamy Lavender Tallow Body Oil - She's found a way to make a liquid/pump version of tallow and I love it. I feel like I use less than if I had to scoop it out in a cream. Her Dream Creamy Tallow Body Oil smells delicious and feels so silky I can't wait to give this new one a try!

  3. Flower Hydrosol - This is a mix of calendula & rose. On her stories she shares often about how rose water and rose hydrosol are different. Sneak peak: she taught me rose water is often made with essential oil.

If you want to read my other reviews and experiences with Kossma Beauty products, check them out here (newest to oldest):

She's also in the process of releasing sure to check back here on more of what she has to offer! Thanks for using my affiliate links & code (auto-applied on checkout) it helps support me, and Stephanie's wonderful apothecary! So nice to know you're buying from real people who care! As always, #GetSatiated!

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