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My Costco Closet: Part 2

Updated: Jul 1

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wearing costco jeans in front of tree

My Costco clothes have now been turned into a series! Keep reading to read out the jeans, joggers, ankle pants, water shoes, and my favorite flip-flops for going in and out of the house on summer days!

I got these jeans in blue and black. They're the Kirkland brand and hold up super well to washing. They have a slight stretch, too! I hope they make these in straight leg for me to try next (these ones are skinny jeans style). Find out more about my sling purse and find out more about the apples in bloom in the picture above. (link to post coming soon)

Here's a closer look at the jeans (could you tell we were traveling and I was smooshed? And the black ones, I wore singing at church!

flowered ankle pants

Outside of my black joggers, I think the ankle pants above were one of my favorite clothing purchases! They are really comfy and super stylish (for me, haha). I used the shoes below as water shoes and they worked great...until they didn't. I had some blisters during the break-in period but after that they were comfortable and functional. One day the bottom liner slipped out as I was taking out my foot, and I could never quite get it to lay back in the same way again, and they became super uncomfortable to wear them without the liner. I would buy them again, though!

water shoes

The orange slides shown below were exactly what I was looking for to slip on and off when I ran outside for something in the summer--which I do more often than other seasons. They are super thick and comfortable for a short time - I wouldn't go for a walk in them. They were out of the black when I found these, and these were the only ones in my size. However, they have navy ones now (and a few other colors) and it's hard not to pick them up so I can have a different color option and be prepared when the warm weather rolls around!

slip on sandals

I also got the Kirkland brand joggers in red and black. It says they're both made out of the same material and I like having them as an option, but they really don't feel the same to me! Anyways, I like working out in them and wearing them as pajamas.

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What are some of your recent favorite clothing buys from Costco? Tell me in the comments! Follow my Costco adventures on socials here.

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