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Spring Costco Purchases

Updated: Feb 16

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support. Not affiliated with Costco.

Spring has flown by and it's early summer now, but luckily, most of these things are still available at Costco. Here are some of the things I've found recently that I wanted to review and share with you:

Coffee - okay, if you've been following me for a while, you may know I am sensitive to mycotoxins in coffee - I share about this some here and how I make coffee here. A little hesitant to try new coffees, I went for it on some of the organic Kirkland brand coffees -- I've tried the one from Peru and the Oaxacan one, and they're tasty and I don't react to either of them, yay! If we're talking Costco online coffee purchases, we also enjoyed trying Ruta Maya Medium Roast Organic Coffee from Austin. I haven't found this in our local stores, yet!

Grass-fed sous vide meat - I really don't know what took me this long to try it out. It's so great to have meat that's fresh/not frozen and ready to eat immediately. I've enjoyed this for breakfast on the go, lunch, and dinner. My hubby made nachos with it, too!

Joggers - I have now purchased these pants in every color. I told my husband I could wear them every day, haha! Sleeping, workouts, yard work, house work, errands, they're so comfortable! Read more on My Costco Closet Part I post.

Chicken thighs - their organic chicken is our go-to for making homemade fried chicken (using my favorite flour + home-rendered tallow), also General Tso's, and whatever else my hubby creates! Rarely do we buy chicken breasts, but I did get some to experiment with buffalo chicken dip (link to recipe coming soon) + shawarma.

Blueland toilet cleaner tablets - I was really hoping these would eliminate the tough scrubbing but they didn't. However, they're fun (they sizzle once dropped in the bowl) and they actually smell good, and don't give me a headache (unlike the last toilet bowl cleaner I tried). But these candles took the smell away, so that was great! Anyways, I'd but them again (eventually, since there's so many in the pack), but their price in-store had the asterisk/star, which meant they were on the way out!

Prevail Jerky - I can only find this online, but this is one of my favorite jerky brands -- the original and spicy are my favorite flavors, but I like them all.

Grillo's pickles - For the past year and a half, pickles have been my main side dish, lol. However, if you come visit me, I'll make other options. Most recently, I chopped them up and added into a pasta salad -- yum! They only have the chips at my location - read my pickle review to find out my favorite Grillo's product!

Tomatillo + Avocado Salsa - I picked a Good Foods award-winning brand salsa on a whim last summer. It's not organic, but the ingredients are incredibly straightforward, and it tastes delicious. I bought several containers for the rest of the year and was pleasantly surprised when it was back this year! I've tried it on my favorite chips, nachos, chilaquiles (recipe coming soon), and more!

Peonies - this was actually my first time buying Costco flowers, but if they all last as long as these peonies do (which normally don't last long at ALL), I will be sold forever, lol! However, I do like picking my own. Anyways, the cover pic is right after they were purchased, and here's what they looked like 5 days in:

still brand new looking!

...and this is about a week and a half later:

still looking good!

Pretty great, right? What are you favorite recent Costco finds? Tell me in the comments, and as always, #GetSatiated!

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