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Charcoal Pillow Review

Updated: Feb 16

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Pillows can be such a challenge -- right now I'm using three different kinds that I stack in weird ways. Does that sound familiar? Are you wondering why I'm using three if I am reviewing this one specific pillow from Costco? Well, I got it for my hubby, and after a couple days of off-gassing out of the package (it needed it, unfortunately), he tried it out. I thought it was going to be too bouncy...but it wasn't! Turns out it is juuuust right. He likes it because it is comfy and soft-firm, but also because it stays cool.

So, when he travels or when the sheets get changed and the pillows get 'mixed up' (lol) I might get to use it for a night or two, and then it's the only one I need! What I thought was too bouncy turned out to be great for a comfortable night's sleep. It's totally different from other memory foam pillows I've tried. I'm waiting for these to *hopefully* come back to the warehouse location -- I'll be sure to stock up for my side of the bed and our guest bedrooms! It is available on their website, but unless there is the rare online sale, it can be significantly more expensive than what I purchased in the store. It makes for a more exciting part of shopping the store though, right? Or maybe I should just go ahead and get the one online since I like it so much, for this standalone post, haha!

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What's your favorite pillow? Have you tried this one? Any other bedroom essentials I need to check out? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.

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