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Mattress Cover v. Protector

Updated: Feb 16

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First of all, I have to admit, I didn't know there was a difference until I purchased a mattress protector...which is not at all what I was looking for, but I used nonetheless. If you didn't know there's a difference, I'm here to let you know, since no one told me, haha. I thought I'd share what I got if you were wondering...were you?

  • Not really knowing what I was looking for, this one had a lot of key words I liked: organic. breathable, noiseless - that last one should have rung an alarm that this wasn't what I was going for. Mattress protectors are more for doing just that: literally protecting the mattress from spills, accidents, etc... Although it was made from organic cotton, I was surprised how long I had to leave it off-gassing before I could put it on the bed. Then, after the first night of sleep, realizing it didn't provide the extra padding I was looking for.

Mattress Cover

  • I was expecting this to have a little more cushion to it than it did, but it definitely offers more than the protector alone (which is essentially a sheet). Thankfully, I did not have to leave it to off-gas. From the website, it states, the mattress cover: "Breathes naturally to resist body heat & moisture, Tightly woven design prevents allergen buildup, Added layer of comfort, No harsh dyes or chemicals."

What's on my bed now? Currently, both of these. The mattress protector and the mattress cover. Although, now that I'm thinking about it, it seems like I should have the protector on top. If the mattress cover had a bit more padding, it would be great and I'm so glad I found an organic one! However, I'm still on the lookout for another one. Grateful I know the difference between a pad and protector now, though. Some of these things I just have to learn on my own, I guess, haha!

Oh, since we're talking bedding, I like to spray down my mattress with this when I wash our sheets (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE). Read more about it here. And check out this post for our favorite pillows!

Do you have a favorite mattress cover? Please tell me in the comments! As always, #GetSatiated.



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