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EC3 Mold Solution Spray: All The Places I've Tried It!

Updated: Feb 16

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support.

Mold (to some extent) is common in homes. Even without a "mold issue" I like to be proactive. However, I do have a habit of leaving my laundry in the washer and use this to help with mold spores (and I like how it smells, subtle but fresh)! In this post, I'm sharing the different places I've used this EC3 Mold Solution Spray (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)-- for some reason at first I was hesitant to use it, but it is 'safe for all materials, surfaces and fabrics, and contains no harmful chemicals' and so easy to use (you literally just spray and air dry)!

Keep reading for details on all the places I use the spray (or click to jump to a section):

Couch & Pillows

To be honest, I tested the spray in an inconspicuous spot first with all the items I've sprayed this on but never had any issues. Our decorative pillows are old (and second-hand). I also use this on our bedroom pillows every time I change the sheets.


Mold spores can come in from outside and get trapped in the carpet (although I try not to have shoes worn inside) from something as simple as pets (not an issue for me) but even from windows being opened and being carried in through the breeze. I do lay on my carpet a lot so it's important to me I'm not sitting on mycotoxin laced fibers. It's so easy to spray the carpets down after I sweep!


Curtains hang and collect dust so easily. After a quick vacuum (yes, I still have that Miele on my wish list, lol) this spray gives them a nice freshen up.


When I change my sheets, I spray down our mattress and mattress cover with this spray, too. I let it air dry while I do the laundry and it's always been dry by the time I put the sheets on before bed.


I tried out the mold screening test plates and will be sharing the results after a time of misting EC3 Mold Solution Spray consistently and burning Air Purification candles. More on that to here!

Micro Balance Health Products has a wealth of information on their site. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for continued ways I use their products. As always, #GetSatiated.

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