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RV Alive?

Updated: Jul 4

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Well, are you? My friend Dr. Jen asked if I wanted to join her at the Alive Music Festival -- it was a last minute decision and I'm so glad I got to have my first RV camping experience! Guys, RV's are barely fit in between the road lines!!! We made it safely after some navigation issues (lol) and I assisted in parking, then she leveled, hooked up, and popped out. It was so cool. It's really nice to have a home base, especially at an event like this.

After we got set up, we went on a little tour, found the music stages, and then headed to the lakefront. There's a beautiful view and I got to put my toes in sand for the first time this summer!

feet in sand

Later that evening we got to hear Zach Williams -- he played some of his top hits, but mostly his new songs. My favorite new one was 'Heart of God' with the chorus that says,

'Cause there's only love in the heart of God

No room for shame in His open arms

There's beauty from ashes, so come as you are

And there's only love in the heart of God

pic of stage

The next day, I went to worship service and then got to hear Megan Danielle, Natalie Layne, and a few others before I went out for a little more beach time and headed back home! It was a quick trip, but there was a lot packed in there. I wasn't familiar with a lot of the artists, but some of my favorite songs were 'Castles' by Natalie Layne - here's the chorus:

You're breaking down the walls and building castles

No more shame, no chains, no shackles

By Your grace, I'm changing

All for Your fame, all for Your glory

and another by her called 'Amen.'

Most of my time listening to music was spent at the Woods Stage and was sure to make time to get into The Word. So much fun to worship and pray almost all day.

Catch the reel I made of our adventure if you want to see more!

holding CitriDrops

I brought this with me to put on topically for bug bites which works really well for me (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE). I need to try it in a spray bottle though to use it prophylactically! The bugs weren't too intense -- just a little active before dusk and dawn. I also took my fisherman's hat (thanks again, Costco!) which worked well to shield my face from too much sun exposure and helped with squinting, too (since I don't really wear sunglasses)! Although I'm not much of a camper, this was a lot of fun--and of course the company was a big part of that. I'd definitely go again (RV style). Oh, and riding home after the Alive fest, we got a call, had to change our destination, and got to experience a miracle. Maybe I'll share more about this someday. If you want to meet and get a coffee (or sparkling water), I'm more than happy to share in person!

Oh, and if you were wondering, Jesus is what makes me ALIVE and anew every day. As always, #GetSatiated.

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