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Exploring my Favorite Eats in Northeast Ohio: A Culinary Adventure

pizza with tomatoes

Food and restaurant recommendations are key for me when we're on the go or away from home. Check out these northeastern Ohio restaurants, markets, and farm I want to share!

I'm forever grateful for farmers that do things the right way. Zoe Farms is one of those. Located in Canton, they have a farm store and animals all around! Check out my first highlight of Zoe's here and look forward to part two soon, as they've expanded and I'm excited to share about their new firehouse! (post coming soon)


If we're talking stores/places to pick up food that are more than restaurants, these are two of my favorites that I share about in depth in separate posts. (posts coming soon):

  • Farmer's Rail

  • DeVitis Italian Market

Coffee Shops

For coffee, there are so many new ones that have popped up in the area, including Ohio Roasting Company, which has a nice atmosphere, awesome coffee equipment to watch as they brew, coffee to go, gelato and accessories for brewing coffee at home. Shale Craft Coffee was an offshoot of the Shale Brewing Company, which sadly closed, but their coffee operation lives on and is thriving on Main Street in North Canton. We enjoy their chais, iced coffees, and freshly roasted beans.

Let's talk pizza.

Sol Pizza Pie was the first pizza place I've seen share about their emphasis on ingredient sourcing and quality. They offer gluten free, and also sourdough pizza! They have on-tap soda fountain drinks made with real cane sugar, too. What a special treat!

Now my favorite pizza, outside of Chicagoland is from 3 Palms in Hudson. It is Napolitano style, but I don't think it is Napolitano certified. However, it is better than some certified pizzerias in my opinion! I have some pictures below, but the Formaggio Di Capra has become my favorite! It has local goat cheese, proscuitto di parma (and it's easy to chew, not all prosciutto is, let alone atop pizza!), basil, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and topped with fresh cherry tomatoes. I ask to add the spicy red sauce and it's so good! We've eaten in and gotten take out, which is what we do most of the time. I've also tried the Picante Pepperoni pizza. I don't think it's that spicy, but it has: spicy San Marzano tomato sauce, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella cheese, garlic, parmesan cheese, basil, and extra virgin olive oil.

With so many unique neighborhoods, towns, and cities in the area, I'll have to keep updating this page as I look forward to trying more places in the northeast! Tell me your favorite in the comments, and keep up with me in my stories!



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