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Exfoliate With the Best of 'Em

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

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If you follow me on the IG, you know I was so excited to find spray-free eucalyptus to hang in the shower this summer -- and that I love sharing about the awesome products I use in there! I've talked about quite a few of KossmaBeauty's products, you can find it in this post. However, this one is needed a page all of its own. What am I talking about? The one and only Pearl Polish Micro-Exfoliant.

I've tried a lot of different products, and even tried making my own with coconut oil and coffee grinds (I like to experiment, haha!). There are two main issue with my homemade mix:

1. I like my coffee in a medium grind and that just leads to scratches on my skin vs. exfoliation and 2. It majorly plugs up the shower drain

I like having a nice exfoliation a couple times a week on my face. And, although she doesn't mention this on her site, I love shaving with a mix of the pearl polish and THIS (what I use for shaving gel). Okay, so when the product first launched, I thought, well...I have pearl powder (that I brush my teeth with)...maybe I can make my own? But I'm glad I didn't even try on this one because the bamboo pearls and all the little extras she has in here just can't be replicated (FYI: just like all of her other products. Her methods are top secret and unique!). Okay, so the best part about it (and well, the main reason why I find it works so well for me) is...drum roll...

...It doesn't disintegrate when water is added!!! Most other exfoliation products I've ever tried were essentially gone when I went to apply it.

How I use it:

- I take a dab of Pearl Polish micro-exfoliant and squirt just a bit of Cleansing gel in my hand to wash my face.

- When shaving, I put a dab of Pearl Polish micro-exfoliant in my hand and then use this body cleanse & shave with it all mixed together to get a closer, softer feel after shaving. It also lets my shave last longer which is v. important when you shave as little as I do. Haha. Nothing but the truth.

Kossma Beauty is a small batch apothecary, so don't wait if you see something you want to try. Her products sell out fast!!! Use my affiliate link to save on checkout (auto-applied)! As always, #GetSatiated.

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