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Animal Based Skincare: New Kossma Beauty Arrivals

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support. Kossma Beauty sent me: Reishi Rose, Chamomile Yarrow Hydrosol, Herbal Hydrosol, Flower Hydrosols, Ghee Balm, Creamy Lavender Tallow Body Oil.

Kossma Beauty continues to come out with products that surprise me all the time! Recently, she launched several new products, including more hydrosols, an aging serum, a new variety of tallow body oil, and refined her tallow face oil formula! I've been enjoying trying all of these out for the past few weeks and always look forward to sharing my insight with you. Thanks for reading!


Here's a list of her lineup:

  • Marshmallow Malva Hydrosol Elixir: This was the first one she released

  • Cham Yarrow: This is one of the blends that I like using as "deodorant." I talk more about it in this live that I did.

  • Lavender Nettles: Her herbal hydrosol--and it smells very herbaceous. I like the smell, but it is totally different than the flower hydrosols. I like to use this on my hair (I think it helps with my tangles) and armpits!

  • Calendula Rose: This is one of her flower hydrosols, and it's so refreshing to smell rose that is not a sickly, overwhelming flower smell, but one that actually smells like I'm smelling a fresh rose. I like to use this one on my face and as 'perfume' on my neck and wrists.

  • Lavender Elderflower Hydrosol: Currently out of stock, but smells like rosemary to me (so good)! If this blend comes back, I'd definitely buy another bottle!

Creamy Lavender Tallow Body Oil

I am a huge fan of her Dream Tallow Body Oil which smells like the best kind of chocolate and goes on so silky and light. Her Creamy Lavender version is so fresh and smells like spring time. It is so nice to actually smell what whole lavender smells like, a smell I was first introduced to at a lavender farm my husband and I visited on our honeymoon! That experience is actually where I first realized, "Wow, I actually DO like the smell of lavender!" If you've only smelled lavender essential oil or lavender flowers, you're missing out! The slight earthiness of the whole lavender plant comes through in this tallow body oil in the best possible way. It seems slightly thicker to me than Dream, but not heavy on my skin or anything.

Reishi Rose Tallow Face Oil

This is an updated recipe to the previous, Secret Garden Botanical Face Oil that now includes a reishi mushroom infusion. The smell is mild and it feels so nice on my skin. This is thick! And even thicker in our cold house, but running the bottle under some warm water is all I need to do. I like alternating Genesis with Reishi Rose.

Genesis (Ghee Beauty Balm)

Her first aging balm, this looks like liquid gold! The color is phenomenal. She sources each herb directly from growers, which is unique in the beauty industry (most are the same ingredients and marketing is the main difference). She uses grass-fed ghee and Iberian leaf lard. After a trip to Spain (that changed my life in ways I'd never imagine), I quickly realized Jamon Iberico Pata Negra is my favorite type of cured meat! The leaf lard is so pure in color and lacking in smell, she shares this on her socials quite a bit. Anyways, this balm is more liquid-y than the rest, but I particularly enjoy it because it doesn't congeal in our cold house! It is a little more herbaceous smelling than some of her other products, but I like that savory smell. Plus, once I get it on my face, I cannot smell it (just out of the bottle and whilst applying).

Pictured: The order I like to apply her products (excluding the cleanse and micro-exfoliant, which I use first!)

New Releases and Announcements

Stephanie has since created another new item: Sacred Skin (Acne Serum & Moisturizer) that she makes with oil made of "tree resins, bark and flowers to specifically help fight, soothe and heal acne."

Her rarely available (because she sources fresh) Nilotica (Heirloom Shea Butter) is available now for pre-order. I really like using the shea in the winter because it is slightly thicker, but doesn't make my skin feel oily.

Keep your eye out on her holiday sales coming up, she's announced there will be some new product drops (no idea what those will be yet) and lots of restocks!

If you want to read my other reviews and experiences with Kossma Beauty products, check them out here (newest to oldest):

Hope you enjoy this Kossma Beauty update. Use my affiliate link to save on checkout (code auto-applied)! Be sure to check me out on Instagram where I share more regularly about her products and as always, #GetSatiated.

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