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Back To The Beginning With Kossma Beauty

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The idea behind Genesis, directly from their website is to: "Say goodbye to dull, tired-looking skin and hello to a more youthful, radiant complexion with the power of animal based fats!" The golden color of it is like a farm fresh egg yolk.

It has soothed my sun-kissed skin, and before the sunny days, the golden mix of animal fats, colostrum, herbs, + beeswax made my skin look brighter (in my opinion). It is more breathable to me than other balms, like Sovereign Salve (which I really like and always have on hand, but I like it better for night-only or for specific reasons and prefer Genesis for daily usage).

Recently, Genesis was updated from a serum to a balm. It was quite the adventure to get the balm made as the apothecary scale was not working correctly and threw off the formula for the first couple batches -- so this was truly a labor of love and so glad Stephanie continued to move forward with making it even though there were several roadblocks! The serum ingredients (from her website) were: ghee, lanolin, AEA certified emu oil, colostrum powder, squalane, meadowfoam oil, sea buckthorn berry fruit oil, rumi saffron, peony root, bee propolis, poplar bud resin, fresh beeswax cappings.

The Genesis balm ingredients (from her website) include: Grass-fed ghee, Grass-fed colostrum, Pastured emu oil, Pastured lanolin, Sea buckthorn berry fruit oil (not the seed oil), Sugarcane squalane, House extracted herbs infused into our animal fats: rumi saffron, peony root, bee propolis, poplar buds

There's no doubt I like having serums, but there's nothing like slathering a balm on my face before bed! I prefer the updated texture and I think some things are just better as a balm (i.e. Sovereign Salve). Ideally, they'd be available in the serum and balm as with this little overlap I had both as options and it was so nice!

I thought I'd share some of my long-time faves I snapped a pic of when getting ready: Dream Body oil which you can read more about here and her Nilotica, which is seasonal and sells out fast, but I was able to grab one at the last restock!

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I'd love to hear your favorite Kossma products. Share with me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated!

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