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Summer 2023 Things

Updated: Feb 16

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There were a few other things that I didn't get to mention in my summer favorites post, but I wanted to be sure to share before we get too far into fall...although some of these things, like the brisket-making first up, is definitely something to continue through fall (and all year round!).

Brisket and tallow-making go hand in hand in our home. When my husband smokes brisket on the grill, he slices off the extra fat to make it cook evenly. Instead of throwing that fat away, we reserve it to make homemade tallow! With this leftover fat, we can make fried chicken (a kind that meets my standards, lol -- it isn't just any fried chicken, okay?!). Note the tray the brisket is in: it's collapsible and can fold down into a cutting board or pop up to carry the meat to and from the grill (note: important to wash in between). Read more about our grilling adventures here.

We make our own spice rubs with my favorite seasonings. This pepper grinder is a new one we've been experimenting with lately and we like it a lot! I wanted to get one of those exaggeratedly large ones but this is bigger than our previous one (which did not stand the test of time) and does a great job. We got the matching salt grinder, but it is not working how I'd expect, so I need to look into that further. I wanted a salt one to grind salt (affiliate code: SB10). Anyways, they are grinders made in France by Peugot, and the wood finish is my favorite!

Stepping out of the kitchen, I found out about these Beautology beauty lab gold eye masks and wanted to try them out! I want to experiment a little more. They were cooling and felt nice, but definitely ripped a little getting them off the sheet on to my face. I'll keep using them and let you know any other updates I have. I'm not an affiliate, just something fun I thought I'd try out and share here!

I don't think I share enough about these garden shoes. I picked them up at Target last summer because it was the only place I could find a pair reasonably priced, with a somewhat flexible sole. I like to feel the ground when I walk, ya know? They aren't perfect, but they're the best I've tried! Sporting my Costco fashion legging, of course.

I was so excited to see this variety of Olipop on the shelves just days after I saw the product launch email! To read my review of sparkling beverages, in which the Olipops shined, check out this post. If you just want to buy it now, you can use my affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE on checkout!

I shared about my favorite, leftover nachos over a year ago. Since then, I've added some key ingredients that are so on point: pickled onions and jalapenos. These are the Veggie Confetti brand and yes, I drive across state lines to get these!

I think I like this end-of-season wrap up to fit in the odds and ends. What was one of your favorite summer things? Tell me in the comments and as always, #GetSatiated.

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