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2023 Summer Faves

Updated: Feb 16

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support.

Sharing my favorites is so much fun for me! In this list you'll find some new ones which have been exciting to try out and share with you here.

1. Hairbrush - Kossma Beauty shared about this on her stories and I really like how it feels on my scalp!

2. Kossma's Tanning oil - It only comes out in the summer, read the review from last year here and why it's my go-to summer sun product.

3. Magnesium Flakes (note: these aren't the same ones I got, but the closest I could find right now!)- These are great for my foot baths that I do all year long (but probably a little more in the colder months). Read another way I've used them here.

4. Rosemary sourdough crackers by Jovial - great for on-the-go snacks, traveling, quick lunches, charcuterie baords, etc...

5. Meat Snacks - These are my new fave! You can read all about them here and the flavors I've tried so far. Definitely different than your everyday kind of jerky. Affiliate code: GLENN42444

6. 18-month planner + pens - My sister encouraged me to get this, have definitely never started a new calendar in July before, but it's been great to help keep track of my summer activities and website posts in a color coordinated way! The gem pens are so pretty, too!

7. Air Purification Beeswax Candles - This is the first beeswax formulation candle from my favorite mold vigilance company! It smells like honey and works so well - read more about them here.

8. HealthologyByDrJen - Binder-Pro + more (affiliate code: SB10)

Read about my shoes here, and more on the joggers coming soon!

9. Scarf - Multi-stripe textured scarf braid from Christopher & Banks - takes my plain linen up a notch and matches with several natural linen colors. Also, the ladies in the store taught me how to braid it like this, so cool!

10. Spices - these are my favorite and you can find them sprinkled throughout a lot of the recipes I share! (add the 1.8oz grinder-top of Robusta Black Peppercorns to your cart of $15+, and enter SATIATEDBLONDE at checkout to make the item free!)

11. Electrolytes and Pre-Workout - I'll also be sharing more about these, but I tried out some electrolytes and these were delicious!!! I guess this is what I fill up our wine glasses with now, haha!

12. Aleavia - More of an everyday staple, but sometimes those are the best! I normally make my own soap, but I like to have some premade for when I don't get a chance! Read about what I call the un-body wash here. (Affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)

What's on your summer favorites list? Tell me in the comments and a always, #GetSatiated.

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