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TSB Electrolyte Review: Just Ingredients, Redmond, Paleovalley, Jigsaw, and Crucial FOUR

*Affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support.

This has been one of my most active seasons in awhile...sprinting, swimming, weight lifting, tennis, basketball, and most recently, biking (link to bike post coming soon!). Notice yard work isn't on that list slowed way down after that large snake I found! Anyways, I needed something more this year and all the electrolyte powders to choose from made it fun and easy to share a taste test! There are so many hydration products out there and I am very picky about ingredients. So, as we head into springtime, I thought this would be great to share if you're seeing search results come up and not sure which one to try and wanted to hear my thoughts!

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JI new flavors bags

Just Ingredients Electrolyte Powder

As a general note, I do not like stevia. It often leaves a weird taste in my mouth and makes it tingly. Just Ingredients uses whole stevia leaves and does not use the multi-step chemical processing that most stevia goes through. I share more in detail about this in the post on their protein powders. (post coming soon)

  • Tropical Paradise - I don't know how they did it, but this tastes just like the canned pineapple juice I remember as a kid! If pure pineapple is your thing, this is the flavor to try! I actually made a great electrolyte smoothie with this and one of the other electrolytes on this list that turned out excellent! (post coming soon)

  • Orange Pineapple - Although it has pineapple in the name, the flavor overall of this one is mild to me.

  • Strawberry Limeade - Of all the flavors, this is my favorite! It's so good I find myself going back to it.

  • I haven't tried Guava Mango but tried the flavor water and guessing it is similar. It's not my favorite, but they're okay, just not as good as the hype from what I was expecting. Of course, this is just my opinion and know people that this is their favorite!

Recently, Just Ingredients released some new flavors and I had to try one of each of those, too! Here's the new lineup:

  • Mango Lemonade - A very fragrant flavor, kind of fills up my whole mouth. It's okay, but I think it would go best in the electrolyte smoothies, (link to post coming soon) along with tropical paradise and orange pineapple!

  • Raspberry Lemonade - This tastes just like the preworkout to me. I like the flavor (but my body cannot handle even the caffeine-free version of the preworkout, so I'm glad I can enjoy it in electrolyte form! Raspberry is one of my hubby's favorites (along with lemon lime of all the electrolyte brands).

  • Grape - As I was hoping, this is a true concord grape flavor. Reminds me of the homemade grape juice my mom would make from my grandma's grape vines! I do think it needs a little extra, more like a heaping scoopful for it to not taste watered down.

  • Lemon Lime - A really great lemon-lime flavor, softer than others I've tried but in a good way. I feel like it's one I could always be in the mood for.

Of the newest flavor release from Just Ingredients, grape and lemon lime are my faves! I just got a code I can share with you, too when you shop Just Ingredients - it just can't combine with any other code- but use: SATIATEDBLONDE to support me (thank you)!

redmond electrolyte containers

Redmond Re-lyte

I purchased these when JI was out of stock and I wanted to have something on hand for the peak of summer.

  • Lemon-Lime - This is probably our most used electrolyte mix. It's my hubby's favorite and our guests most common pick when offered! They're flavorful but also a flavor that is just good all the time, ya know what I mean? This is also my mom's favorite and she is very picky when it comes to flavored things - definitely worth mentioning if you don't typically like flavored things (however, they do have an unflavored as well!).

  • Mango - I picked this one up since a friend said it was her favorite. It's not mine, lol. My hubby likes it okay, though!

  • Travel Sachets - I've tried all the flavors (and they have an unflavored) and lemon-lime really is my favorite from this brand. Watermelon lime would probably be good on a hot summer day, but otherwise, strawberry lemonade was my runner up.

re-lyte travel sachets

redomond containers and travel sachets

Crucial FOUR

Then, one of my favorite superfood nutrition companies came out with their functional food electrolyte powder, mHydrate.

  • Cherry Lime - I got a few bags of these because they're small and I like to really give things a fair try before sharing about them. But of course, I liked it! However, the powder was kind of clumped, even before I opened the bag, so I had to crush it up well before using. Now, this one is saltier, much saltier than any of the others. I'd like more of the cherry to come through, but I like knowing that this one has the most straight forward ingredients of them all! And by all, I mean than any other electrolyte powder I've seen (and I've read a lot of ingredient labels)! My affiliate code: SB10 can be used at checkout!

Crucial Four's stories screenshot details on mHydrate: COA red flags

I like their transparency as well...they shared their CoA's, which not every company does!

crucial four stories screenshot of nutrition info

NOTE: As of 3/1/24 they released mHydrate 2.0 which now has: less sodium but more potassium and magnesium (their email stated, "Improved electrolyte ratio for optimized muscle function, hydration, blood pressure and damage recover." They also reduced the sugar to 1g per serving - and shared they now use 100% organic monk fruit. I'm not a huge fan of monk fruit, so I'd like it to just be the coconut sugar like the original. I know how good they are with sourcing their ingredients, that is just my preference!

Updates on nutrition label from a spring 2024 email:

Crucial four comparing old vs. new formula

ANOTHER NOTE: It's been a process trying out all these electrolytes (a fun one, though) and it that time, many things have changed. Another update is that they released an unflavored mix, too!


I was so excited to try these and add them into my tasting notes. The bags are smaller than what I expected, but they're so flavorful and the serving size for the scooper is pretty small so I think it averages out! What I love about these is that they're all organic, even down to the organic natural flavor.

Orange - This flavor tastes like a real sweet orange to me. Totally different than the Pickleball.

Lemon Lime - This one is really good and it's so surprising to me how all the lemon-limes taste so different. I like to adda little extra of this one in my glass! My husband says it reminds him of powdered Gatorade growing up!

Watermelon - Reminiscent of Bubblicious Watermelon! Very tasty, but too sweet for everyday for me.

Paleovalley electrolyte bag pics


  • Pickleball Cocktail - This is an orange flavor that kind of reminds me of Tang. If I am remembering correctly, this mix has a higher potassium to sodium ratio than the other brands and I got it as recommended from someone online and I'm glad I did. Something else that makes this one unique is that there's no coconut used, unlike all of the other brands I've shared about here. And, I really like that they say there's no msg in their ingredients!

  • Jigsaw Health Electrolyte Supreme in Fruit punch sachets - The flavor reminds me of fruit punch when I was a kid. It wasn't my favorite then and it isn't my favorite now (it's not bad, it's just not my favorite flavor!), but if fruit punch is your thing, it tastes just like it! I also don't prefer to do a ton of erythritol. I got it because I saw someone raving about it online. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not so much, lol!

Side note: I also picked up Jigsaw Health MagSoothe™ in Tart Raspberry Lemonade sachets. My husband really likes to drink it before bed. I love the fizziness of it and the flavor is good.

Pickleball Cocktail container


One thing worth mentioning is that since these products do not have stabilizers and other ingredients like anti-caking agents, they need a little help blending. I typically use a hand frother - but it's not impossible to mix with a spoon.


My top picks? Strawberry Limeade from Just Ingredients, Lemon-Lime Re-lyte, Orange from Paleovalley, Pickleball Cocktail from Jigsaw, and mHydrate (1.0) from Crucial FOUR.

Next to try

I'm waiting for Stephanie to release her electrolytes too - it will be made with cane sugar which I think will taste even better than stevia, monkfruit, or coconut sugar.

Did this help you decide what to try? Have you tried some of these above already? What's your favorite? Tell me in the comments. Check out how I'm staying hydrated in my stories!

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