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100 Date Ideas

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

*affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support.

I cannot believe we are coming up on a decade of marriage! I thought this post would be perfect to celebrate the season and to share some of the things we've done over the years. Let's just say, we never get bored!

  1. Find out each others Love Language

  2. Read together

  3. Play a game - we like Tacocat (a weird little game, but it's easy & fun, plus full of palindrom-esque words). We also recently started learning mahjong (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE). It is a four player game, so great for a double date!

  4. Cook together- try a new cuisine. One of our new favorites to make is Thai. I have a twist on our favorite Thai dish that we make here.

  5. Sit by the fire & sip some bone broth hot chocolate

  6. Practice breathing exercises

  7. Go for a walk in the neighborhood and hold hands

  8. Set aside time to talk--really talk.

  9. Work on a puzzle together

  10. Go to a park

  11. Start a hobby together

  12. Have a picnic

  13. Charcuterie & Chill - Make a charcuterie board together and play some nice music while you enjoy it together

  14. Workout together

  15. Take a day to do the other person's hobby - For example, my husband likes photography, so tagging along with him while he's shooting some nature pics is fun, especially when it's warm outside haha.

  16. Go bird watching - Get a pair of binoculars and find a forest...or your backyard!

  17. Check out your local park agenda - We have had great success going on nature hikes, learning about wildflowers, observing water birds in a duck blind, and so much more! And the groups were always super small so it was really nice.

  18. Go grocery shopping - Okay, not that these are in any particular order, but this should probably be listed as my number one, haha!

  19. Dance - Play some slow music and dance together. We like folksy/bluegrass music.

  20. Do a devotional together

  21. Go to a plant store and pick out seeds to plant in the garden

  22. Make s'mores (we've done this over our grill after we make a steak)

  23. Movie night

  24. Play music together - sometimes we'll learn a song on the piano and play it together!

  25. Take a virtual cooking class together

  26. If you drink alcohol, learn about wine together--there are plenty of groups and fun educational experiences you can find online

  27. Find a local dive bar and play pool or darts together

  28. Play arcade games together - My husband said this is a popular thing nowadays, but not my thing haha.

  29. Roast green coffee beans together - there are so many methods, we've done at least three! Best if you can do it outside, because it will be smokey and make a little mess no matter what style you pick!

  30. Pick out a cookbook and make a recipe you've never made before

  31. Pick a task that has needed to be done but you haven't gotten to yet, and do it together - besides, it's so much easier to do these daunting tasks together

  32. Go see a magic show - I was a little hesitant on this, but we went to a magic lounge in Chicago and it was an entertaining night!

  33. Give each other massages - I love this Dream Body Oil (affiliate code: SATIATEDBLONDE)

  34. Go for a walk around the block - Even on a night when you don't have much time, a quick walk to stretch out your legs and get some movement is a good way to reconnect.

  35. Give each other foot massages

  36. Find a u-pick place - There are places that offer picking your own berries or apples, and even flowers (which is what we did for my birthday last year)!

  37. Take a tour of your local farm - where our meat and produce comes from matter and we enjoy getting to see the behind the scenes!

  38. Take a couples course together - You may be a little surprised by her website, but her content is great and ya know, she has to get peoples attention to dive deeper!

  39. Ask your partner what they want to do tonight and do it, no questions asked - This was my hubby's suggestion LOL!

  40. Do nothing - Sometimes it's nice to not have everything planned out and enjoy being spontaneous and in the moment and being together

  41. Make Limoncello together - We do this about every other makes great gifts and is tasty to sip on rain or shine!

  42. Have cocktail or mocktail competition - My hubby always makes the tastiest mixes!

  43. Create together - maybe it's painting or sketching, just take the time to do it and have fun doing it together

  44. Teach each other geography - Yes, we've actually done this. We created a slideshow type presentation and literally presented to each other. We set a time limit of 30 minutes to put something together and then shared right away. He did a great one on the Shetland Islands!

  45. Stretch together - move out the stagnation from the day and take time to move in ways that just feel good, take the time to hold, breathe and don't be rushed, especially since you're both doing it together.

  46. Take an online class together, like these! There are so many to choose from and they're great conversation starters.

  47. Go axe throwing! We went for my dads birthday a couple years ago and he liked it so much, he built his own board which is so much fun in the summer!

  48. We really enjoy scotch. If it's not your thing, I totally understand, but since I've had that peaty air in my lungs, it is one of my faves! Anyways, do a blind taste test of your favorite spirit -- gin, vodka, whatever you wish! There are also a lot of alcohol free spirits on the market now! You'll just have to take turns doing it for each other, but so much fun and you might be surprised by your favorite!

  49. Ice skating - Unlike the other ideas on this list, this isn't one for me, haha but I will go snowshoeing!

  50. Learn a language together. Then, dedicate a day (or an hour) to only talk that language!

  51. Volunteer together - Maybe it's at your local church or maybe it's helping out a neighbor. It doesn't have to be a 501c3 to count!

  52. Have a candlelit dinner. It can be planned or a surprise, but it's nice to change the atmosphere from time to time. My favorite candles are made with beeswax & hemp wicks. Code: SATIATEDBLONDE

  53. Karaoke - Go somewhere, or my favorite, find a youtube video with lyrics and sing your heart out. Speaking of which, I think I need to order a mic...

  54. Visit the library - I can get in a time warp here, but besides what you'd expect, they have cook books too! Maybe you can find inspo for cooking a new recipe together.

  55. Curate a playlist - Even though I'm not good with remembering song names, I can think of a handful off the top of my head that remind me of my hubby. Make it together or play it and surprise your love.

  56. Go on a first date - Okay, so, one of my favorite things is when I am sitting next to someone at a restaurant and I can tell they are on a first date. This has happened to us a surprising amount of times. So yes, you'll be playing a little here, but so fun!

  57. Try to find the Milky Way - depending where you are in the world and what season it is, it is easier to see sometimes than others. Look it up and set a date to find it!

  58. Camp out in your own backyard - now that I wrote this here, my hubby is going to make me do it, hahaha! We have talked about it a few times and is a starter if glamping is more your style.

  59. Find some water and get in it - swim, paddleboard (my fave), canoe, kayak, whatever floats your boat! Haha.

  60. Visit a museum - the last exhibit we saw were these amazing dried flowers on display, it was so cool (it doesn't sound as cool as it was).

  61. Make a scavenger hunt for each other - make a list of 5-8 clues and have each other solve the riddles. At the end can be a gift or a nice note.

  62. Write each other a poem or love letter - this has not gone out of style

  63. Get pictures taken - or with a timer and tripod, take 'em yourself! This is something we need to put on our list to do.

  64. Check out your local botanical garden - we went to an orchid show (which was amazing) and we have an outdoor one (at a park)!

  65. Organization date - organize an area together...most recently we worked on our pantry!

  66. Visit your local Farmer's Market - This is a built in weekly, sometimes twice a week date for us, March thru October!

  67. Make homemade pizza, from scratch - I currently have sourdough on the rise for Saturday night pizza. I'll get them all prepped and all we have to do is top, bake, and enjoy with a glass of wine!

  68. Go to an open house - It's so much fun to explore, online and in person! I remember when we were in Canada we took a tour of a townhouse on a whim and it's fun looking at those that go up for sale, in your neighborhood or not with a quick search!

  69. Take a trip to your local zoo - most are open year round, too.

  70. Minigolf - We've experienced some really unique courses!

  71. Community Coupon Roulette - you know those fliers you get in the mail? Close your eyes, flip the page, and go check out what ya land on. Bonus! There's a coupon! haha.

  72. Have an ironing night - I don't know about you, but ironing isn't one of my regular activities. I'm more of a throw it in the dryer with a hot rag kinda gal. Anyways, pour a glass of wine, put on a show, and iron together!

  73. Pick a destination and plan a get away together - whether you end up going or not, bet you'll learn some fun things along the way!

  74. Take an online tour - such an easy way to see things across the world. You can even browse an online collection of the Louvre (obviously, it's not the same as in person, but pretty cool)!

  75. Play a game outside (frisbee, cornhole...)

  76. Go to a local festival - (art show, food, etc...) We went to a Mole Festival and sampled so many traditional flavors!

  77. Video chat with Denmark tourism - really! You can set up a time to chat and ask all your questions about Denmark: living, cuisine, best places to stay, visit, and more!

  78. Rent a hot tub (if you don't have one) and have a steamy night out under the stars!

  79. Go for a Sunday drive somewhere new - take your time and enjoy the view. We love looking a big, old houses!

  80. Go to the baths (literally) - Sounds so weird (at first) but we had a great time & my favorite area was the hot steam room with contrasting cold plunge inside!

  81. Turn the lights on - make it a competition and see who can replace the most light bulbs that are out (lol, we've replaced a lot!).

  82. Make matching tie-dye pajamas together - this was actually my hubby's idea and I was like, would you even wear them? He said no, haha, but a fun idea, nonetheless!

  83. Phone free Fridays - or a night without TV.

  84. Make a bucket list - Put each individual item on a piece of paper and put in your own jars. Pull out one for each of you and plan to do it within the next month!

  85. Archery - go target practicing together

  86. Visit your (or a neighboring town's) historical society - some offer free tours, too. We love old historical houses.

  87. Go to a local sports game (pro or semi-pro)

  88. Go see a play/musical

  89. Plant a tree/bush - buy one, or try and start one on your own from seeds from the other trees in your yard!

  90. Go to a cigar lounge - we actually did this in San Diego. It was open air, which although I like the smell of most cigars, it was nice to have the fresh air coming through.

  91. Rent a cabin and get away for a night or two - This is fun to do even close to home.

  92. Look at old pictures of you together.

  93. Go on a cruise - a local one works, too! Lots of dinner cruise or ferry ideas, even if it's on a lake nearby!

  94. Check nearby local "schools" and find a class - once I went to a homesteading school and we went on a foraging walk and made tinctures, but they offered oven making, metal working, and more!

  95. Go gourmet food shopping - in store or online, buy things that look interesting to try & have fun tasting them all...we've found a lot of new favorites this way!

  96. Go to the shooting range and have target practice

  97. Go swimming

  98. Check out local antique shops - this is where I found our hand coffee grinder that we use everyday.

  99. Go yard sale-ing - my hubby found an awesome coffee roaster at the last one we went to.

  100. Love each matter what you're doing or not doing, remember to love each other.

Did any of these ideas inspire you? What are you doing on your next date night? Tell me in the comments & share this post with a friend! As always, #GetSatiated.

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