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A Home Adventure: Coffee Roasting

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Picture: Freshly roasted coffee beans (they were still hot!) Photograph By: Glenn McManus

In the last 5 years I'd say my love of real, good, clean coffee has exploded! Honestly, I had never even contemplated roasting my own coffee until I listened to episode #003 of The No Diet Podcast. I got my beans from Phil's Just Java. Be sure to give it a listen to the podcast, it is so interesting! My husband helped me in this process:

We got an electric popcorn maker, added the coffee beans (about 1/3c. at a time) and waited to see what would happen...

We were surprised when coffee beans started shooting out everywhere! There was a little scavenger hunt along the way! Haha!

There was also a distinct smell, but not as bad as I was expecting!

Picture: Look how beautiful they are! Photograph By: Glenn McManus

We had to re-roast (or pop) some of the beans as they popped out right as we added them in. We developed a bowl-catching technique with the popper at an angle to make it less likely the beans would try to escape. It helped, definitely. It took about a half an hour and we ended up with 2.5 ounces (exactly, measured on our coffee scale).

We stored the beans in Stasherbags--I love their sustainability and leech-free composition. We were sure to "burp" the bag regularly over the next week. This really wasn't hard to remember as we were excited to keep smelling the beans! After the first 3 days it had the most coffee-like smell, to me. The morning we made coffee with them (exactly one week later), it seemed like the coffee aroma had somewhat disappeared.

We weren't quite sure how the coffee would turn out...but after being ground fresh and french pressed, the flavor was delightful! Absolutely NO bitterness and slightly roast-y and nutty tasting.

We are definitely going to try this again, but possibly with a different popcorn maker. I'll be sure to fill you in on the details.

Picture: Cooled-off beans stored in my Stasher Bag! #plasticfree Photograph By: Glenn McManus

Let me know your home adventures and how you #GetSatiated!

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