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Axe Throwing

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Photo by Glenn McManus, McManus Media. Pictured: Here I am preparing to throw my axe! Side note: it looks like this was a bad day to choose to not brush my hair! Haha!

We took my dad to the local axe lounge for his birthday a few months ago, back when you could do those sorts of things. We had a blast! It is set up in a safe, relaxing environment (wood chips to stop the axe from bouncing, caged alleys to throw in, and a comfy lounge area to enjoy while you're waiting. They also give you some training and feedback which is really nice. The woman who worked with us competitively threw axes in Norway! You can also order in-house drinks or food from nearby restaurants. It was the quickest hour we experienced all weekend!

So, speed up to current times, locked down in quarantine. What is there to do? Start growing your own food. Check. Personal development. Check. Workout. Check. Backyard axe throwing? Double check! My dad made an official board over the weekend and we have been playing all week! We also caught some of the axe throwing competitions on youtube. Wow, what a difference between International and World Axe Throwing Leagues (IATF & WATL). We have been practicing with WATL rules.

He did an awesome job making the board and even has a tree stump for us to properly pass off axes from one person to another. We have had hours of entertainment. I'm not too great, and I feel like a slightly new technique works for me every time I practice.

Hey, it's one of the few social distancing sports besides golf, right?

Have you thrown axes before? Do you have an axe game you've made up or that I should know about? Be sure to let me know, and as always, #GetSatiated.

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