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A Family Competition

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I thought it'd be fun to taste test all the alcoholic gifts we got for Christmas, and what's better than sharing that with everyone?! Now, you should know, I truly enjoy the taste of alcohol and appreciate it, however I really don't drink much or often. I may pour a glass of wine, but only take a few sips and thats it.

Anyways, we did a tasting of all the different liquors we collectively got for Christmas. Then, we had a cocktail competition! After we tasted, we each picked a bottle and had a half hour to create! Oh, and we each had to name our drinks and share the details before voting.

Here's what we came up with:

I made the Heather Keller featuring a Shetland Gin with handpicked botanicals. It had organic strawberries and lime, tonic water, salt (apparently too much), and maple syrup.

My husband made A Stranger in the Alps with Genepy. He used tonic water and lime as well.

My mom created a Chai-Chata with Malabar liquor (a chai liquor) that she mixed with rum chata, cinnamon, and orange.

My sister called hers the Blackberry Holiday. It was made with the Alkkemist gin, organic blackberries, simple syrup, citrus and tonic water.

My Papa created the Peat-sicle using the Peat Monster scotch by Compass Box. He added an orange and simple syrup. It had a great creaminess, just like a smokey creamsicle!

My bother-in-law to-be made A fresh breeze of Justin with La Luna mezcal. He included lime and simple syrup.

After we taste tested all of our creations, we voted. Me, well, I had fun, but didn't get one vote! I didn't even vote for my own! Haha. All of the drinks were delicious though! My hubby won, my papa came in second, and my brother-in-law got third!

We had so much fun, this just might have to become a tradition!

Oh, and one more we taste tested but didn't get used in the competition was homemade limoncello my hubby and I made with organic lemons and biodynamic cane sugar.

Have you ever created a cocktail? Share with me below and as always, #GetSatiated.

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