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Glyphosate-free for the Win!

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

I have been protecting my gut and taking Restore for years now. I love it and take it every day! You can read my story about it here. Recently, I noticed the stamp of approval from the Detox Project, noted as glyphosate residue free. Immediately, I jumped on the Detox Project's website and looked for a list of other certified products. Multiple honey companies, supplements, wine (which I wish they shipped to my state!), and more. Actually, I just checked the list as I am updating this post and more products have been added! I am so happy to see this increasing.

I have known that there is glyphosate contamination even in organic fruits and veggies for awhile, but when I read the recent EWG report on oats, I was like, "Woah, okay, I gotta get serious now!" So, I did some more digging and found that there are also a few other glyphosate free testing companies, like Bio Checked. And, I have to share my new favorite company to order from!

I have tried their olive oil, honey (I ordered like 9 containers before I tried it and luckily, I love it!), and coconut oil so far. I am excited to try their flour which is a traditional flour from Italy that has not been bleached, bromated, or enriched. Although I am sensitive to wheat, I am so excited to make pizza dough and see if my hands are swollen in the morning--I think that the hybridization of wheat and the pesticides (etc...) are more to blame for my sensitivities than the actual grain itself. I run lots of experiments on myself; we are all unique and quality food makes a difference!

If the pizza dough turns out and if it passes my n=1 experiment, be sure to check back here for how I did it!

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