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Quick Pickle Onion + Radish

Updated: Feb 16

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I like a good quick pickle - or slow pickle, for that matter. Cucumbers, onions, radishes, I like them all! This is definitely not a traditional kind of ferment, although I have a lot of experience with that. This is super simple and often times I end up making it as I start prepping dinner, although it's best if it can sit for a day.

Here's how I do it:

Radishes - I like to get these fresh from the farm

Onions - I think they taste best sliced in ribbons/longer strips opposed to the shorter chops shown in the picture.

Salt - It always takes more than I think -- about 2 tablespoons. This salt is pure, natural spring salt and free from microplastics (affiliate code: SB10).

Water - after putting in the veg and salt, I fill the dish (post coming soon) with three quarters filter, structured water.

ACV - And one quarter apple cider vinegar

Sugar - while this is optional, a pinch of sweetness elevates the flavor. I've tried with a variety of sweeteners!

For amounts of veggies, I typically use half a bunch of radishes and half an onion.

My favorite way to have these is atop tacos or nachos! As always, #GetSatiated.

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