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Chaga-Brewed Coffee

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Photo by Elijah M. Henderson on Unsplash

Birch trees have always been one of my favorite trees. Traveling down the neighborhood on a boat ride at my in-laws, I saw my first chaga growing on a birch. It was amazing!

I had my first taste of chaga in powdered form and add it to my coffee when I don't have time for the full chaga brewed coffee process.

Every few days I have been simmering chaga nuggets. It boils down to a very concentrated, light molasses flavored liquid. Honestly, I use a lot of superfoods and take a lot of things that have to grow on me and I eventually end up loving the flavor. I thought this was going to be the same, but it was love at first taste. I was amazed by the taste and enjoyed drinking it hot, cold, and with raw, organic grass-fed milk. With the natural sweetness, I don't even need honey (I love honey)!

One morning, I didn't boil enough water for coffee. I already had chaga tea boiled to take as a mid-afternoon drink. I poured the chaga in the french press along with the water and voila, I created something fantastic by happenstance!

I have experimented with water ratios, but found my favorite is full-strength. Here's how I like it:

Plan ahead: I double the recipe from Dr. Cowan's Garden website: 2/3c chaga nuggets to 8c. water (filtered and structured) and simmer for 3 hours. Strain and store chaga tea in fridge.

Chaga-Brewed Coffee: (I make this just as I would in my usual french press)

  • 6 scoops of fresh ground mold free Purity Coffee (use code: SATIATEDBLONDE to save)

  • Pour just enough heated chaga tea over coffee grounds to let bloom for 30 seconds

  • After blooming, fill french press and let steep for 4 minutes.

  • Filter french press and enjoy (like I did here with some real cream)

Photo Credit: Glenn McManus

To find out more about chaga and the standard for mushrooms, this website is full of great information!

I get my nuggets at Dr. Cowan's Garden. They also list some health benefits. I am implementing chaga to be proactive in supporting my integumentary and immune system. I have several moles aka beauty marks that I have been closely monitoring over the past year. Stay tuned for more on this!

Please share below how you enjoy chaga!

In the mean time, #GetSatiated

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