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Satiating Coffee Sludge

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Picture: Glenn McManus

I receive lots of inquiries on my breakfast routine. Honestly, unless it is a weekend or I am traveling somewhere I cannot bring along my ingredients, coffee sludge it is!

I blend it up, but I put in so much goodness, I have to be sure to swirl as I sip to get it all! What do I use? Although it can vary slightly from day to day, this is what I've been doing the past three months or so:

-mold free, clean beans <---see previous post for my favorites

-berkey filtered and structured H2O

Okay, those are pretty much a given. Mostly, I use a french press. However, the Chemex is amazing, when I have a little extra time! My husband and I have also been experimenting with the Aeropress (stay tuned for updates on this)!

Now, for the sludge:

+1 tbsp of gelatin- I love how it is so smooth and makes my lips stick together! And, it froths amazingly well! I have recently switched to Great Lakes Gelatin and am loving it.

+1 tsp Real Mushrooms 5 Defenders- Sometimes I use their other products like Cordyceps or Lions Mane, but the 5 Defenders shows up as what I need most of the time.

+rice sized piece of Shilajit- This stuff is I N T E N S E . It is a relatively new addition.

+1 tsp burdock root powder- It gives a nice, light, almost nutty flavor and may protect against chemicals and herbicides <---read the article, so interesting!

+A dime size sprinkle of Bee pollen- Sprinkled on top or blended in. I feel like all of the bee products have been helping with my energy (post coming soon).

+1/2 tsp Red Ape Cinnamon- This brand notes that they do not use ethylene oxide <---read more about it

+1/2 tsp Vanilla powder

+Coconut butter- Raw, creamy, and gives my coffee some body!

+Turmeric- Have I mentioned how much I love this brand? You can see what I've done with some of the other Dr. Cowan's Garden products here.

+Pinch of Icelandic Flake Salt (Code: SATIATEDBLONDE to save!)- I use this on everything, literally. Even a pinch in each glass of water thrughout my day. Note: If you like a carmel-y taste, sprinkle on top! Sooo good!

+1 tbsp Grassfed Ghee (not pictured)- Amazing, buttery flavor...you can listen to the creator on The No Diet Podcast here (Episode 031).

+1 tbsp Bee Keeper's Naturals Honey- You can listen to the creator of this brand as well (Episode 042)! Such an interesting conversation about organic vs. non-organic honey! (I love all of Carly's products, a feature post is coming soon!) Code: GETSATIATED to save

+ 1/2 tsp Homemade PMG & More powder (not pictured)- I mortar & pestle protomorphogens from Standard Process and add in a few other things, including Cyrofood Powder. That way, if I forget my multi, I'm covered!

+Topped with a generous sprinkle of Black Sesame Seeds- I love the crunch and extra texture it puts in my cup!

Picture: Glenn McManus

Phew! That about sums it up. It is labor intensive, but it is my morning ritual! However, if time is tight, I have a quick version:

+1tbsp gelatin

+1 scoop Crucial Four- Listen to this podcast (Episode 059) to find out about the meaning of the product--genius! This is surprisingly delicious and my morning cup is not nearly as bitter when I'm running behind (win, win)! I have purchased some other products from this company I am itching to try!!! I'll share when I give them a fair go.

+1 tbsp Bee Keeper's Naturals Honey

+Pinch of Pinch of Icelandic Flake Salt (Code: SATIATEDBLONDE to save!) (not pictured)

+A dime size sprinkle of Bee pollen

+Topped with a generous sprinkle of Black Sesame Seeds

The quick version takes me about one third the time! I am still experimenting with other ways to use the mBreakfast!

Swirl, sip, & #GetSatiated!

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