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*Starter In The Rye

This is a sponsored post (I was sent the starter culture) & use of affiliate links & codes are used throughout this post; please see disclaimer at footer and thank you for your support. That being said, I only share about products that I use personally!

I have been making sourdough bread successfully for about a year now. However, after ending up with a failed starter three different times, I am so happy that I now know about Cultures For Health. They have great directions, recipes, and customer support, too. Anyways, I am always up for experimenting and I love a good pumpernickel. It reminds me of my childhood, when we'd get fresh pumpernickel from the bakery, dig out the inside, and a dip went in the round loaf that we scooped up with pieces from the removed middle...yum! Anyways, this is my first go around with rye and I'm so excited to get started (hahaha, pun intended).

A little background on rye: it is not the same as white flour. It is from rye berries (vs. wheat berries). It tends to have a deeper, earthier flavor -- if you know me, you know I love that, haha! And it is not gluten-free, although is said to have a lower gluten content than regular flour (which contributes to it being more dense). Now, how I am making it is as a truly fermented rye starter.

I followed the directions from the company I got my rye starter from, Cultures For Health. There are directions online, but in the starter bag, there is a really convenient pamphlet.

It only took about three days to really get going...the fastest I have ever had a starter take off. Look at how well it is doing!

Next step, I am ready to make something with it. I am going to try out some "english muffins" (in quotes because I'm making them with rye). I haven't made these before but my husband will be so excited!

What are you waiting for?! Get started on your starter, today! Peruse their site to see all the things you can make, I love all the inspo they have.

And finally, there were too many rye jokes not to include one here, so...

How do bakers deal with tough problems?

They ryes to the occasion and dough not quit. (link to joke here)

Hope it made ya laugh. As always, #GetSatiated.


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