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Sauce Season: BBQ, Taco, Salsa, + More

Updated: Feb 16

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It seems I'm continually on the lookout for sauces with clean ingredients and it's harder than you think to pass my test, haha! With things I try to avoid like sunflower oil or even organic canola oil sneakily working their way into ingredient lists, it makes quick cooking/snacking a challenge. Most of the time we cook from scratch at home, but even I like to have some easy go-to's from time to time. Read on to check out my top 15 sauces from all over the world!

Here's what I've found:

1. Montana Mex - I've tried just about every organic barbecue sauce out there that has ingredients that pass my test. I think I first found Montana Mex was on a last chance sale at Fresh Thyme Market, and since then I found it at Whole Foods, but now I can't find it in stores near me! This is the best tasting, organic and straightforward bbq sauce I've ever had (except a fermented one I found at Jungle Jim's - but they're just so different!).

2. Good Food For Good Sauces: Bbq & Tikka & Ketchup - These sauces made their way into stores near me about a year ago. They use dates as the sweetener and have straightforward ingredients. I don't get the full heat in the tikka masala sauce that I'd like, but it's delicious! The bbq and ketchup are good too!

3. Red Duck Taco Sauce - I've made my own taco seasoning and it just tastes too "seasoned" if that makes any sense. This has been a game changer for our spontaneous taco nights, nachos, and to repurpose other leftovers! It's delicious and they have a spicier version, too. I am so pleased at how straight forward the ingredients are.

4. La Fundidora Humo Salsa - This is another one that I was able to get in stores earlier this year but cannot anymore. It's a challenge to find salsa that passes my test, and I find sometimes there has to be a small compromise. This does have organic ingredients which is always a plus!

5. Bachan's - This does have wheat and soy (which I typically avoid) - but it is fermented soy though, and they also make a gluten-free option. They have released a few other varieties, too...a hot and yuzu, but Original is my favorite (and I don't have any reaction to it, thankfully). My husband uses this when making sauce for his version of General Tso's!

6. Shakshuka - Have you seen this beautiful egg dish? The sauce is really not hard to make at all. We make most things from scratch, however it is so nice to have clean-ingredient options ready-made and on hand for when time does not allow, if you know what I mean (and I'm sure you do). The sauce is so vibrant and comes in a huge jar!

7. Marinara + Pasta Sauces - Whole Foods brand came out with a marinara sauce and of course, I am a fan of these ones. Both are delicious and great on homemade sourdough pizza!

8. Teriyaki - This is another ingredient in my hubby's General Tso's! It's also good in fried rice. Yes it has soy and wheat, but they are both organic. Usually I don't do wheat besides my favorite, TSB-approved flour, but I don't seem to have any kind of reaction to this, thankfully!

9. Tamari - An organic tamari that tastes so good. Yep, you know it, in our General Tso's sauce.

10. Worcestershire sauce - Cleanest ingredients I've found yet! This is good to mix up our flavors from time to time - and really, who knows what my hubby puts it in, lol!

12. Kung Pao Cooking Sauce - This is probably my favorite quick meal sauce of this year! It is so delicious, especially slightly reduced with grass-fed meat and some rice -- read all about it here.

13. Coconut Aminos - I've tried several brands of coconut aminos and honestly, they're all good...but Big Tree Farms is my favorite! Another ingredient in our General Tso's.

14. Enchilada Sauce - This was the first organic, straight forward, pre-made enchilada sauce that didn't have seed oils I've ever found. It can repurpose leftovers almost instantaneously, goes great as a sub for taco seasoning (although it tastes a little different) and also good on nachos!

15. Mustard - Okay, I really like homemade mustard but I don't always plan ahead to make it and those mustard seeds need to soak! Here are some of our store bought go-to's. I can definitely taste the horseradish and the dijon is classic -- hard to find the organic one in stores, so I usually find it on Vitacost.

It's been so refreshing to firstly be able to find these unique sauce options, but also to get to try them and share them here, when they're tasty and worth talking about! As always, #GetSatiated.



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