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Raw Milk Cheese Tasting: Canal Junction Style

If you know me at all, or have spent more than about two hours with me, you know I love a good taste test! My husband and I constantly love to try new foods and drinks: jams, ice creams, spices, scotches, etc... And today, I'm sharing about my raw milk cheese tasting! So I could use them in time, I purchased one type with every herdshare order I placed, so it took quite a few weeks to try them all. It was really exciting to taste each week and I was sure I kept close notes over the time.

Before I get started sharing, you must know--my preference for cheeses has mostly stayed in the category of sheep and goat. This goes back to tasting experiences on trips overseas from years ago and beyond. I love chèvre, a good goat gouda, and manchego. Or, a little parmigiano reggiano from time to time. So that being said, this is a really different kind of tasting for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated all of their nuances! You'll notice the website descriptions italicized, followed by my tasting notes for each below.


1. Flat Rock (Abondance Style)

In the style of a French mountain cheese. Firm, sweet when young, developing distinctive savory notes when aged.

It's hard not to notice the Flat Rock's beautiful yellow color, reminiscent of cheddar upon opening this cheese. The taste was tangy, rounded out with a finish like I just ate a whole meal. Went great with pepperonis and sourdough crackers!

2. MmBossie Cheddar

This one had no description online.

Soft, really creamy, not too sharp. The Mmbossie didn't remind me of a classic cheddar, but in a good way. We actually had this on a charcuterie board with pâté, marmalade, hoshigaki, and assorted meats. It was a great complement.

3. Charloe

Washed rind that imparts unique savory aromatics into the cheese with a mellow flavor profile that is reminiscent of cultured butter and earthy roasted peanuts.

If you like blue cheese, this is the one for you. Only recently (like within the past two years) have I been trying blue cheese from time to time. It doesn't look like a blue cheese, at all. It's just the flavor that reminds me of it: deep, earthy, salty, sharp, and like an old cellar, in a good way.

4. Black Swamp Gouda

Modeled after the classical gouda. When young: mellow and creamy. As it ages the flavors deepen and texture firms.

The Black Swamp Gouda was realllllly good. Creamy, but not flimsy, and disappeared before my eyes (haha). I can see why it is an award winner!

5. Wabash Erie Canal

Firm cheese, classical sweet and creamery when young like a young alpine cheese that develops rich umami notes as it ages.

I noticed it firmed up after I cut into it (in the fridge). Nutty, slightly creamy. I enjoyed it on its own or with a little charcuterie mix.


They were all delicious in their own way, but if I had to pick a favorite, it'd be the Flat Rock! I love the love that goes into making these cheeses, too. Find out more at Canal Junction Farm. Have you tried them all? Tell me which one is your personal favorite in the comments. As always, #GetSatiated.



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