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Now Eye See You, Now Eye Don't

Over the past two months I have added some new things to my skin care routine, from my absolute favorite skin care company ever! Now, I have been using their products for almost a decade. You can read more about them in previous posts here, here, & here. I have lots of videos where I share about my skin care routine on Instagram and Pinterest - be sure to check 'em out!

Okay, let's get started! The first thing I've introduced is gua sha'ing my face. Now, I am very familiar with this type of instrument assisted soft tissue technique, but I had never considered using it as part of my facial care before! The tool itself is beautiful and cool to the touch, made of quartz crystal. It has perfect, soft grooves and edges for my fingers to hold or that I could hug around my jaw line and cheek bones. I did this (and will continue to do it) 2-3x/week. It is so relaxing, and makes me take time to slow down a bit (although it doesn't take long)--and feels good to get some fresh circulation to my visage!

I have been using the Goodnight Oil at night and in the morning (2x/day). I use it under and all around my eyes and do a nice massage into my eyelashes. After I started this, I realized I have never given any real attention to my eyelashes and it was so rejuvenating to give them some love!

The third product I've been trying out is the Open Sky Eye Serum (2x/day, just like the Goodnight oil). I apply it under my eyes and to my glabellar area and lightly massage in. It's cooling and the smell of blue tansy is doubly refreshing and calming. Now, this comes in two small sizes - and they're my fave because they come with a rose quartz roller ball! I love the application of the others (i.e. push button style), but for administration of this one specifically, I prefer the roller ball.

With the addition of these in my skincare routine, I don't look like I just rolled out of bed after I really did just roll out of bed, haha! Another thing to note is that I have the smallest sizes of both of these, using them multiple times a day for two months, and it looks like I've barely used them at all! So it's comforting to know not only do they give love to my skin and eyes and smell great, but they also last a while!

Oh and I have to mention that I just got an email today announcing the face serums are on sale (Hello 20% off Open Sky Eye serum!!!) - yay! Sign up for their email list for the specifics!

Enjoy some video snippets of me in action using these products:

Here's a before and after:

On the before, you can clearly see relatively brushed hair and a sphenobasilar cranial fault. Please disregard the latter. On the after, excuse the non-brushed hair (but I got my cranials adjusted, so there's that! haha!). Other big differences include definitely being tanner in the after pic as I have been really enjoying getting my vitamin D this summer! Eye wise, there are subtle changes, but I will definitely continue adding these three things into my routine and loving on my eyelashes!

Let me know how your skin care routine goes as you try these amazing products and as always, #getsatiated!

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