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Give dry a try!

Updated: May 18, 2020

I finally got the chance to try out some dry shampoo. I've been trying to cut back on washing my hair---right now I'm at every other day. After trying out the dry shampoos I can make it three days. It's great because it is better for my hair and makes my shampoo go a lot longer! Win-win. Living Libations has very straightforward and clean ingredients that are made with love. I tried both of their options: Flowers in Her Hair & Fortifying Frankincense. I didn't notice a difference between the two performance-wise...and they both smell delightful!

My two scents (haha):

Flowers in Her Hair smells well, like you're in a field of fresh wildflowers in the summer! Fortifying Frankincense smells warm, earthy, and grounding. It's so hard to choose between the two that sometimes I mix them both together! But, the frankincense is quite divine.


I was surprised how well they mixed in my hair, especially being a blonde. I couldn't see it at all. They soak up the oil and also give my hair a much needed texture! It makes it so much easier for styling. By the way, I use Living Libations styling serum which is absolutely amazing and doesn't leave my hands all sticky afterwards!

Let me know if you try a dry! In the mean time... #GetSatiated!

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